Get 23Gb Or More Free Space On Dropbox

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Dropbox is the most famous cloud storage that you can find for a device. With its easy to set up process and simplistic user interface Dropbox has become one of the most frequently used cloud storage by thousands of users.

If you sign up for the free version then you get a storage capacity of 2 GB and if you for the premium plan then you can opt for different storage option if you feel 2Gb isn’t enough for your cloud storage.

But now thanks to the availability of a hack it will enable you to obtain 23GB or more of storage space in dropbox. So in this article we will outline you the procedure on how to obtain 23Gb+ storage space in dropbox.

Guide For Getting 23Gb+ Storage If You Have Android Phone

  1. Download the APK file signeddropbox.apk
  2. Uninstall the official dropbox app from your android that you had installed
  3. After uninstallation is complete now install the modified dropbox app that you have installed
  4. After you have installed launch the app enter your email and password that you signed up with dropbox
  5. If you have dropbox installed on your PC then you will receive a popup saying that you have 27.4GB of storage on Dropbox

Now you can enjoy extra storage space on dropbox without worrying of it ever running out.

Now what if you don’t own an android phone how can you obtain the extra space on dropbox. Well we have written a guide for you with which you can obtain the extra storage space.

Guide For Getting 23GB+ If You Don’t Own An Android Phone

  1. For this process you must download and install android emulator
  2. Download the Android SDK
  3. Install and launch the SDK
  4. Now open packages and options and untick and retick only tools and android 2.3.3 (API 10). Click install packages and the installation will depend on your internet connection
  5. Now you need to create an Android Virtual Device so launch AVD Manger.exe
  6. Open new window and click new and enter any new name. Choose target as Android 2.3.3 API Level 10. Put size anything like 150MB or 200MB etc.
  7. Then click on create AVD and wait for 1-2min for the process to be completed
  8. Now choose the newly created AVD and click on start
  9. After it launches unlock screen by sliding the lock icon to right
  10. Click on web icon and paste the following address on address bar in the android browser
  11. After the application has downloaded install it
  12. Open the app and enter your dropbox credentials
  13. Check your dropbox account and you will notice that you have now been upgraded with 23GB of free space.
  14. The storage is only valid for 2yrs


There you go the process for obtaining more storage space on dropbox which will make sure that you have all your files and media on the cloud.

Do let us know if you were able to successfully obtain 23GB+ storage space on your dropbox account.

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