GMusicFS : An App to Access Google Music Library From Third Party Players

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Guys, probably you know the cloud based services such as Google Music can be a major convenience for those with a large colllection of music and limited storage space. But, the only problem with this services is we can’t simply access these files via the music player we have been using for so long and become so accustomed to.

But by using the GMusicFS app you will get an alternative solution for this. This app allows you to stop using the official Google Music Player and mount your library on the device as a FUSE file system. This means that the tracks are visible to most regular music players as files stored locally, and can simply be played back as if they were sitting there taking up space on your SD card.


We are not sure it will be working in all musci player, but it seems to be works well in most popular players. The goal is to bring Google Music streaming support to most third party music players like Poweramp, PlayerPro, n7player etc.

From the point of view of these apps, Google Music tracks will look like regualr files that can be played. To use this app, you will need root access and a kernel that supports FUST, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anybody running 4.0 and above.

Before start to use this app just go to the Help section and read the important instructions given in that section. Please be informed that, this GMusicFS app is still in beta release so some bugs will be there.


  • A rooted device running android 4.0+ on ARM CPU. Root is necessary for mounting the filesystem.
  • Beta APK (0.9.1) & Documentation
  • A kernel supporting FUSE filesystems (should be the case of all 4.0+ kernel)
  • SuperSU
  • Some music uploaded to the Google Music service.
  • A compatible third party music player. Tested working with Poweramp, Winamp, PlayerPro, n7player. Should work with most players using the Android MediaPlayer API or ffmpeg. Doesn’t work with Deadbeef and XenoAmp.
  • A stable network connection as GMusicFS does currently very little buffering.

If you had the previous installation of this app, due to file naming changes, please make sure to cleanup the previous install before installing the new version:

  • launch old version of GMusicFS
  • unmount filesystem if it is mounted
  • click on the Cleanup button
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