Google Android Wallet vs. iOS 6 Passbook

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Being an Android fan, I feel really sorry to break this news but perhaps, Apple has finally pulled the rug from under Google’s feet regarding mobile-payment. The new iOS 6 passbook has been introduced by Apple which has a very simple and easy approach.

It is quite clear that this new app by Apple is going to beat Google wallet easily when it comes to shopping via mobile phone. Looking at the features of Apple’s Passbook, one can easily say that this is the new king of mobile-payment systems.

Dilemma with Google Wallet

Let’s be honest about the situation of mobile-payment system in America at the moment. If you want to buy something at a retail store or at an online store using your mobile phone, it isn’t an easy process at all. Previously, only Google Wallet app installed on an Android phone could help you pay via mobile phone.


The working of Google Wallet wasn’t that simple and easy. You had to install that app in your high-end Android Smartphone and then navigate through the system to find those vendors that are accepting mobile-payments via this system. For a common user, it is not acceptable at all.

The feature was introduced some one year ago by Google and still, a person needs to think many times before using it. I have personally used Google Wallet to make payments at different places but still, I had to do that on purpose. No vendor was in my nearest range so I had to drive and reach to vendors just to test how Google Wallet works.

If you think that I’m criticizing Google then you are taking me wrong. All I’m saying is that,” Google has made a fair attempt to simplify life of people. However, the system is not that easy to use. There are very less vendors willing to adapt to that system introduced by Google which is the major problem.

If you want to establish a good payment system then you have to provide luxury to your customers. The payment system needs to be politically unbiased and available to everyone easily. So far the financial partners of Google in this program are MasterCard and Citibank. That is the main reason why only a few store owners have adopted this new technology.

Apple’s Passbook – What’s New?

The idea of Apple’s Passbook has been rolled out yet but the app is still to be made available to customers. Obviously, the final app will be introduced along with the new iOS 6 that is in beta version right now.


From the little knowledge I have gained about this new Passbook by Apple, I can tell that they have sidestepped from the path followed by Google Wallet. The wide range of payment methods and not collecting the customer’s information is best part of this new mobile-payment app.

Vendors can design their own mobile-payment apps and integrate them with Apple’s Passbook. In this way, a vendor can easily collect payment from a customer without including any 3rd party collecting service. All the payments are directly transferred to the vendors account after processing through Passbook.

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