Google Drive The Online Storage For Keeping All Your Files In Sync

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There are many online cloud storage facilities are available for the different devices that are out there. There is iCloud the cloud service from Apple for its devices, live mesh from Microsoft which allows you to sync all your files with the windows devices including your windows device.

But from all of them the most famous and widely used is the Dropbox cloud storage which is available for all the devices that are there in the market through its app. Doesn’t matter whether you are using android, iOS or windows mobile dropbox was there to help you to sync your files across multiple devices.

Now Google have launched their own cloud storage which is specifically meant for their android devices and is called Google Drive and will allow you to sync all the Google related contents easily across your entire android device.

Google have also introduced a host of new features into their cloud storage system which will make sure that it keeps up to your needs. According to the Senior VP of chrome and Apps at Google Sundar Pichai he mentions that Google Drive is more about creating and collaborating with storage rather than just simple storage.

At its launch Google Drive comes with 5Gb of free storage and you can expand this storage to 25Gb for just $2.49/month. If you think that 25Gb isn’t enough for your storage needs than you go for 100Gb and 200Gb which are available for $4.99/month and $9.99/month respectively.

If you are a part of large corporation and you need immense cloud storage then don’t worry because you can get storage spaces of up to 16TB for $799/month.

The Google drive desktop client is available for windows, OS X and android along with iOS support. You can download the android app for your device from the Play Store.

Features Of Google Drive

  • Google Drive has replaced the Google Docs. With the new service you can instantly create new documents, spreadsheets and presentation which you can share with your friends and also see the changes being made in real time.
  • Google Drive links had replaced the bulky attachments so now you can access them very easily
  • If you upload any pictures or videos to Google drive it is instantly available in your Google+ account. So you are just a click away from sharing
  • Google drive features a powerful search option which can look up contents by search words or even filter by file types. The new option in search is the ability to recognize images and texts from any scanned documents.
  • Support for 30 different file types allowing you to access them from Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and HD video. You can view the contents with installing the necessary software’s.
  • With Google drive app you can create and view files from a variety of different apps directly
  • You can easily share a document with multiple people and also edit permission whether they can edit or comment on the file.
  • Keep a record of all the changes that are being made to a document which can go back up to 30days. Every time you save a document a new copy is saved.

So here are some of the features of Google Drive and do let us know what kind of service it will be.

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