Google Glasses Reviews: An Empowering Device To Processes Information Faster Than Ever

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Do you want to be on the bleeding edge? Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin invited you to be a bleeding edge person to be a user of Google Glass.

In Google I/O he boldly pronounced that ‘Google Glass is not a consumer device’. Now the question is how he claims so bold. What is the magic on this bleeding edge Google Glass?

In lots of sense Google glass is a bleeding edge device. When heard about the Google Glass first time, I was thinking about the first generation computer device.

First they were even not fixing in a big room of home, then the evolution of computer comes above the desks of our home and with a mouse and keyboard and then laptop to carry with, Now device like iPad, Nexus 7 the so called computing is on hand.

Eventually, Computers are on your glasses on the eyes. And I think in this case the edges of computing are really on a bleeding edge now with Google Glass.

First lucky group of person for this Google Network Enabled device is the Google I/O 2012 attendee and for only people who lives in US. The reason is also simple here about the geographic restriction, firstly the radio frequency level is different and there is also regulatory purpose.

The Beginning Of A Bleeding Edge Generation

One thing on the Google I/O was like a real life movie stunt, the demo was so exciting for Google Glasses. The set up skydivers live with Google Glasses.

Where people was dropping with gravity the Wi-Fi and other networks is pretty much impossible to catch up and amazingly Skydivers with Google glasses were doing Google Hangouts on Google plus while they were dropping with gravity.

Obviously the challenge is to keep the network up on the sky. And the transmission system must be truly robust to work with while diving from above all networks. Sergey Brin disclosed that they were trying to use their won transmission system along with some very costly military transmission system.

If you ask how come you use all function of Google hangouts on your glass. How it even possible to have a computer system on your glasses? Very impressively Google designed the glasses as very light weight like usual glasses.  The display is transparent to show all the information.

This Glass also streams video, live chat, audio, perhaps every possible features. It’s very much more than exclusive artificial intelligence.  If you are a place unknown to you, you can simply get navigation in front of your eye with precise maps and direction to go.

Where ever you go now you do now have carry camera and take photos. You can directly take photos from anywhere with your glasses and obviously with your voice command. Oh yeah you can share the photo immediately with your circle of Google Plus.

All these are for making folks truly dynamic who will be using the Google Glasses. Here I want to give finishing with a bold comment of Google Glass engineer’s – We’d like it to be so fast that you just know it. We’d like to be able to empower people to know information very, very quickly.

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