Google Have Announced that Malware Apps have dropped from the Market

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Google have just revealed that there is a significant drop in the number of malware apps from the android market. How were they able to achieve such a feat?

Well Google have designed a new security system for their android market which is called Bouncer. This new security measure was made last year and has been in operation for just a few months but the results obtained from this new measure have been phenomenal.

Google have outlined how the bouncer actually works. According to them this system performs a set of analyses on the application in the market along with a complete check on the developers account. Once a new application is uploaded on the market it will be immediately analyzed for any known malware, spyware or Trojans.

The new application is then run on the Google cloud systems and is checked for any suspicious behavior. The application is also compared with previously analyzed apps to detect any unknown malicious behavior. Not just the application is analyzed but the developer account is also analyzed to prevent the spread of malicious apps and also prevent offending developers from taking root in the android market.

Bouncer will not only check new applications that are being added to the android market but also will check the ALL THE APPLICATIONs that are currently in the android market for any malware or Trojans in Google’s cloud infrastructure. With this said since the launch of Bouncer Google has reported that there has been 40% malware report in android market in 2011.

Now we have heard on various other reports published by famous antivirus companies that android apps have malwares in them and such but those apps have been available from a 3rd party source other than the android market.

Android OS is already a very secure and now with the introduction of Bouncer the security loopholes will be closed down. But if the 3rd party apps which is obtained from untrusted sources then there is a chance we can be introducing potential security risks to our device.

By getting our devices infected with malware or Trojans from 3rd part apps we can’t out the blame on Google because those apps haven’t been checked by Bouncer which Google has introduced to their android market. So we should always try to get the apps from a trusted source and as of now there isn’t any more trusted source then the android market.

Even now after the introduction of Bouncer Google is looking at different ways on improving the security features of android OS even though its already a very secure OS compared to other OS that are available for majority of its lifecycle.

As Bouncer continues to run the number of malware of apps in the android market will continue to drop and by the last quarter of 2012 you can be assured and also have peace of mind that android market is the haven for apps that are free from contamination.

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