Google Maps Update: 130 New Cities For Live Traffic Alerts

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The world’s most favorite mobile map, the search engine Giant’s own Google Map was just a month ago updated with the 3d navigation few days ago which was made for competition with the new Apple Maps and again the company has again updated Google Maps.

This is one of the major updates coming this season. The app isn’t really needs to be updated instead there are some in app data to be downloaded. The back end server of Google will give the real time traffic update to a new set of 130 cities across the United States.

This is a huge update if you ask us as giving real time traffic updates to so many city needs the server to be a monster. They have also updated the maps for updates in Panama City and Costa Rica.

Today a Google official wrote in his blog post stating about the new features and the details of those who are been getting updated to enjoy the new Google Maps. This is a feature that can be used daily and it is being used by most of the people who are supported to use this service.

The Google live traffic service started way back in 2008 and this is the most major update issued so far. The complete look and feel of the live Traffic update has changed drastically.

Great Help For Working people And Tourists

It can solve major problems faced day to day life for workers and also it is a super cool app for travelers. If you want to leave for work you can check the status update of the location from where you want to go.

If the traffic is high you can take another route and find your way easily to office. From the new update users can enjoy traffic updates, traffic alerts, estimated travel and arrival time to the destination.

The update includes Colombia, arterial roads in Kalamazoo, the streets of Bogotá, Michigan and many more…

It is not only the lucky United States to receive the update, Google has expanded the same features in countries like Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK as well.

Apple has made the decision of removing Google Maps at the wrong time, with these updates it is impossible for an iOS user for not to replace Google Maps as the default map in their android devices.

So did you receive the update? Did you like it? Share your views with us.

Google Map in Google Play Store Here

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