Google Nexus 7- 16 GB Relatively Out Stages Its Sibling in Storage Speed

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So are you thinking of buying a Nexus 7, stop stop stop!! Before making any decision you must read this blog post and choose the version you are going go buy.

So you must have thought that the only difference between Nexus 7 8GB and the 16GB version is the price then let me warn you, thinking this is insane.

One must have asked himself why the price difference in two versions is kept at $50 which is relatively very higher than the actual difference. So thinkers don’t put pressure on your precious brain we have got the answer for you, which might be just the answer that everyone is looking for.

The Galaxy Nexus 7 was showcased at the Google I/O just little more than a month ago. The disappointment came to be the non-availability of expandable storage.

There were two variants available at same specs but with only size difference. We have got reports on the benchmark test on the two versions of the tablet and the result comes out quite surprising. There is a noticeable improvement of performance in the 16 GB version.

According to the reports the 16 GB version gives about 40% more performance than its little sibling. The Access tests are nothing but like a litmus paper test for checking the solid-state performance of the storage.

The difference is performance is mainly due to the price factor. The cheap products use low quality flash storage which resist access of storage in full speed whereas good quality products give reasonably higher access speeds.

The surprising results not only proves that the 16 GB variant has better read write speed from its little sibling but also from the other Android flagship products like Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. The test was based upon the random read write access from the storage of all the devices.

The performance delivered by the 16 GB variant is “good” but still it cannot be matched with the ultimate Solid State Drives. So if you were previously thinking to buy the 16 GB version then go ahead but to those who were thinking of not wasting 50$ for only 8 GB storage, we give you the reason to think twice.

So which version of the tablet are you going to buy? Share your story with us

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