Google Nexus 7 Exhilarating Start On Retail Stores: Most Of them Sellout On Frist Day

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Yesterday, Friday was the first day of Google’s latest charming creating Nexus 7’s launching day on US Retail stores. Because of huge buzz created by the giant company Google and most of all this 7 inch tablets own smartness makes the first day on retail stores truly exhilarating. Almost every retail stores are sold out.

Famous retail GameStop discloses that on first day they had to run the first tow allocation of the stock of Nexus 7 and on the other hand Wal-Mart’s  warehouse chain, Staples and Sam’s club announced out of stock on the first day of Nexus 7.

An insider from GameStop mentioned that they won’t be selling any Google nexus 7 before August until the 3rd allocations of the tablet comes to them.

Tough time of Google on retail launch

Pre-order was going on from Google play after its announcement on Google I/O and number was not revealed except the first day pre-order. Now it’s pretty obvious that as people loved Nexus 7 at first day by evacuating all nexus 7 from retails stores the pre-order number of Nexus 7 is also huge. The good news Is all shipment of nexus 7 pre-order also started to reach to nexus 7 lovers doors.

It seems like Google is having hard time with maintain the launch on retail stores. Recently we come to know through the verge report that yesterday Google has halted the sale of Nexus 7 in some retail stores.

Adorama had their first allocation of the Nexus 7 on their Stock but Google requested them not start selling yesterday and an insider from Adorama mentioned that on Sunday they will resume the selling of Nexus 7 on their stores. Google Also mentioned that retails of UK will be able to start selling on 19th July.

A briefing from Google executives tells that selling Nexus 7 on the retail stores will not bring any profit margin because of being this android device price tag $199.

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