Google Nexus 7 Update: Where To Buy Now

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Google Nexus 7 launched on Google I/O and they officially started pre-orders. The exact numbers of those pre-orders are not reviled but the number from first day pre-order shows extreme consumer craze for Google Nexus 7. Google started shipping few weeks ago and along with that Retail roll out of Nexus 7 also started at the same time.

Demand of Google nexus 7 seems like increasing day by day which results very fast sellout of the first allotment of almost all retail chains of US. Some retail stores are very much active to get more attraction for nexus 7 lover by shipping the device faster than even Google.

Though the nexus 7 is not available in every retailer now, you can buy it from Google Play Store anytime .

As the first allotment is completely sold-out from different retailer most of them are now accepting pre-order  of Nexus 7. Most people are looking for Nexus 7 as it is a incredibly good offer with a $200 price tag and most of all nexus 7 is one of the device where Jelly bean is by default.

A Note from Google shows its incredible demands and experts are predicting that number could goes beyond millions on the first year of nexus 7 on market.

Where To Buy the Google Nexus 7 Now (List complied by Android authority)

  • GameStop – 16GB Nexus 7 is backordered. The company waits for a third allotment of pre-orders to ship in August.
  • B&H – online orders accepted, but the store only has limited Nexus 7 stock.
  • Office Depot – 8GB version listed as “coming soon” while the 16GB model is “out of stock.”
  • Staples – 16GB version available in stores only.
  • Kmart – selling only the 16GB version, which is currently “out of stock.”
  • MobileCity – takes pre-orders for the 16GB version, but does not provide shipping dates.
  • Sam’s Club – does not take pre-orders: “this item is out of stock for delivery.”
  • Curry PC World Store – Nexus 7 is sold out at this UK retailer
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