Google To Introduce Siri Like Assistant For Android Devices

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If you have been following the rumor mill then you must have come across the name Majel which was the codename for the voice action which is present in all the android devices.

The voice action didn’t perform any special task other than performing the specific actions that you dictated which didn’t involve any advanced task that SIRI is able to perform.

Rather the task was to place a call or to type a message and then send it via SMS or Email. Google has been hard at work to replace their now defunct Majel in favor of the “Assistant” which is the actual name for the SIRI like service.

But the Assistant service will be much more advanced than services that are offered by SIRI in the apple devices. According to Tech Crunch Google is preparing for a major release of their Assistant service this year.

According to the same source Google engineers have been hard at work to address the issues that have plagued the assistant service and also attempt to make it more unique than SIRI.

Google engineers along with their search engine engineer Amit Singhai have been hard at work at three specific things that can help Assistant to be more unique than SIRI.

The Three Things That Google Engineers Are Trying To Achieve With Assistant:

  1. A portable system that is able to convert any and all the information in the world into which your computer can understand.
  2. A assistant that will be able to give you personalized search results based on your interactions in Google Plus and other services from Google.
  3. Instead of just providing you with search result the Assistant should be able to give you solutions to accomplish some real life goals.


By looking at these three features that Google engineers have been working to bring to Assistant you can say that it is vastly superior to SIRI which apple is offering in all their latest devices.

Although many such voice guided apps are already available in the market but they just offer what SIRI has to offer that is giving you the search results regarding to your different queries instead of a solution.

Assistant will be the most advanced app which will be available officially from Google sometime later this year probably at Q3 of 2012. Even Google is helping other app developer incorporate the functions of their app into Assistant.

This will enable Assistant to provide you with more personalized results and solution to some of your problems instead of just search result. It is possible to do it because Google has access to some of the most advanced computing power on this planet.

After Assistant is released it will SIRI a run for it money and moreover you can expect great service from the app. Even after it’s integrated with the third party apps that are available in the android market it will provide you with more personalized result.

Finally the geeks can rejoice they can have a service which is similar to what is found in the Star Trek.

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