Google+ Update Promised

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Google+ is another famous social networking website that allows you to stay in contact with your friends and families. It hosts a variety of new features that may seem much easy to use to some users. Day by day Google+ is gaining more users and has already grown to about million users since its release.

The android app is also a hit with many users. It offers much of the functionality that is found on the desktop variant of Google+. You can set up your friends and families in circles and prioritize them. Other than that Google also has enabled Huddle with it. It’s a feature that will allow you to make group chats with a number of users at the same time. With the release of latest ICS Google has also added the feature of allowing you to video chats with a number of friends at the same time. It’s a cool and unique feature.

After its release Google+ has some bugs which were expected but were solved quickly thus preventing any kind of problems to the user. In android 4.0 Google has made it much easier to Google+ and the huddle feature also. The whole experience is much enjoyable also. This year Google have promised a bunch of updates for Google+ android app which will enhance the security of the app and also add some new functionality providing you with a new and unique user experience.

Updates that are promised by Google:

1. Fine tune your stream:

Most of the time most of the posts gets lost within the shuffle also and also when they are added to the main stream they get mixed up with other posts. The entire ordeal just gets more confusing. So with this new feature you will be able to adjust how a post from one of your circles will be blended with your main stream. This will keep you updated with the posts from your important people as you wont miss them anymore and be confused about all the posts on your stream.

2.  Improved Notifications:

The previous notification was something new but it was a hassle to go through all the individual content and check them out what the update was about. With this update Google have decided to add a sneak preview that will allow you to see what the notification was about rather then going into it to check the notification. Also they will make it easier to see for the shares you have received and any +1 if you have received.

3.  Lightbox changes:

Viewing photos in the app were a bit of a hassle before and could not be tagged easily. With this update Google has promised that viewing photos will be made much easier and is being completely redesigned. This update will also feature a new revamped photo tagging system.

So these are the updates that are promised for the Google+ app on android. Google have promised to release these updates sometime in Q2 of 2012

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