Guide for Newbies to Install CWM/TWRP in Skyrocket device

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Hi guys in this guide you will learn how to install a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) on stock firmware. This guide is specially for newbies.

Actually, this guide was tested on Samsung Galaxy SG2 LTE: Model # “SGH-I727” for ATT & “SGH-I727R” for Rogers, it is also know as “SkyRocket”. This is not the same phone as the first generation SG2 I9100.


Samsung made the Skyrocket very easy to flash custom ROMs and/or root the phone. The first thing after buying a new skyrocket is you need to install CWM or TWRP with Odin. It is very easy to do and takes only a few minutes. So, once you install CWM or TWRP in your phone you can flash custom ROMs and/or root the phone.

Please make a note that you should root your device only if you are on the Stock firmware or you are in the situation to remove bloatware and/or modify system files.

No need to root your device to install custom ROMs on stock phones. Just follow the devs instructions in their OP on installing the custom ROM.

I Repeat : You should root your phone only if you want to flash custom recovery (i.e CWM & TWRP) or flash Custom ROMs, you no need to root your phone for installing Custom ROMs. Understand the difference well.

And also remember that the custom recovery file must be in a tar.md5 format to be used by the program called Odin, not a zip file. Zip files can be used by the custom recovery to flash another custom recovery.

a) This method is only for Windows, not for a MAC.
b) Do not use ROM Manager to install or update CWM.
c) Use only Google Chrome browser or Firefox to download files. Do not use Internet explorer as it sometimes has issues for downloading MD5 or TAR files.

Pre requisites:

  • It is always advisable to be on a safer side before you start to try anything new on your device. So, we strongly advice you to take backup of all your internal datas with the help of backup applications. Just in case, if you lost your data due to any reason after updating the firmware, you could easily recover them.
  • And also make sure whether your device battery level is atleast 75% to avoid the risk of your device getting switched off during the middle of the updating process.
  • Then Disable or Uninstall all the antivirus suites that you have installed in your mobile and computer. Because this may interrupt the process.

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held responsible/liable for any damages takes to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

1. How to install CWM or TWRP: On stock firmware or custom ROMs- GB,ICS and JB Leaks:

Odin is a windows program for installing stock firmwares and recoveries onto Samsung phones. Do not check repartition in Odin. You have been warned. See computer screen pictures below.

  • Then download ClockworkMod Touch or TWRP they both are named as “recovery.tar.md5” and will be downloaded as “recovery.tar.md5”, DO NOT CHANGE the filename or else it won’t install.

(NOTE : Use Firefox to download these two files)

  • Extract the contents of to a folder
  • Run the Odin 1.85.exe from the folder you extracted it to.
  • Prepare Odin: Check “auto-reboot” and uncheck all other options.
  • Only Click “PDA” and select the recovery.tar.md5 file you downloaded. Then enter your device into the download mode.

How to put your device into the download mode:

Do not touch the power button for this procedure because download mode is not as same as the recovery mode.

a. Connect the USB cable to your PC, but not to your phone.
b. Remove the battery.
c. Reinsert the battery.
d. If you are using AT&T phone then press and keep down both Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously.
If you are using ROGERS phone then press and keep down only the Volume Down key. Do not release the volume keys until instructed to do so in step (f).
e. Insert the USB cable into your device. The phone will turn itself on when USB cable is inserted. DO NOT TOUCH THE POWER BUTTON.
f. You will now see a screen with yellow triangle warning you about installing a ROM. Now release the Volume Key(s).
g. Press and release the “Volume Up” key to enter into download mode.
h. You should now be at the Download Mode screen w/odin recognizing your phone.
i. Click Start in Odin. It will flash the new recovery and will reboot the phone when completed. That’s it! Your device will autoreboot into android.

If you had errors or problems using ODIN, please see to the Troubleshooting Odin which we have given below.


1. Warning Screen should appears like this in your phone:


2. When you hit the volume up key gets it into the Odin mode (A.K.A. DOWNLOAD MODE):


3. On your computer this is what your screen must look like when your phone is in download mode and odin is recognizing your phone before you hit the start button.

Odin-Downlaod mode
4. On your computer this is what your screen must look like when Odin has finished flashing your phone:
Odin-Finished Flashing

2. How to enter into the Recovery mode:

  • Entering into the recovery mode is same for both AT&T and Rogers Skyrocket. It is again same for both Stock and a custom recovery.
  • Now turn off your phone, unplugged (might work plugged in)
  • Press and keep both volume keys down
  • Then press the power button while still holding down the volume keys
  • When you feel the phone vibrate or see a logo on the screen, release the power button but not the volume keys.
  • When screen goes black release the volume keys.
  • Wait a few seconds to boot in to recovery
  • You are now in recovery mode Congrats!

3. Troubleshooting Odin:

  • If Odin shows an md5 Error: Unzip The Firmware Tar File Again And/Or Redownload the file again.
  • If Odin hangs at “Getting PIT for mapping” or giving a pit error then download and “unzip” the file, select the extracted “celox.pit” file in the pit option for odin, with all other options unchecked hit the start button in odin, once flashed you can then flash the stock firmware and/or recovery in odins pda section.
  • If the phone boots into any ROM, make sure windows can transfer from and to internal and external SD cards to rule out driver issues
  • Does KIES recognize your phone, even if you are on a custom ROM KIES will recognize your phone, this rules out driver issues
  • Make sure you are in download mode on your phone
  • Make sure adb or KIES is not running in the background
  • Restart the computer
  • Make sure battery is charged
  • Try different USB port, preferably the rear ones on computer
  • Use original Samsung USB cable, or try different cable but still OEM
  • Try a different computer
  • Clean phones USB port w/no battery installed
  • If you tried ALL of above tests and phone is not recognized by your computer you then have a hardware problem with the phones USB port. Read this for possible fix: To fix it take a shaved down match stick with out of tooth picks then gently pushed up the tongue of the USB port and then try again to enter into the download mode by using the USB cable.
  • If Phone Boot Loops or Enters Into Recovery Mode While Trying To Get Into Download Mode(and you are sure you followed above procedure and also did not touch the power button), You Could Have A Stuck Power Button. To Fix That Try To Repeatedly Keep Pushing The Power Button Hard To Try To Unstick It.

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