Guide To Android Apps That Will Improve Your Business Skills

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Recently you have bought an android phone and your thinking about some apps that may help you in your business whether giving you some useful tips or helping you to get by from day to day without much hassle. Moreover the apps should be easy to operate and understand.

Running a business requires utmost concentration and effort which means there isn’t much time for lengthy training courses. But not to worry android market has certain useful apps that will help you to understand what others are saying and also provide you with top business education just within 5min.

Some Useful Business APPs

1. Real Simple Edu:

It is one of the most simplest and easy guide for business owners and the developer of this app has made over fifty different apps on different business related topics such as business math, project management, finance and web development. This app also has a social component allowing to you to connect to your Facebook and share information with other app users.

2. American Express open forum:

This app focuses on helping small business grow. The app is designed as a forum that will allow you to post question and receive their feedbacks and also you can browse different articles and videos by famous experts in the business field.

3. Busuu:

This is language learning app that will help you to master the most famous languages of the world and includes German, French, English, French and Spanish. It provides step by step guide to learn any language.

4. SlideView:

You can now connect with the most famous business website SlideShare. This app will allow you to download various presentations that are available and also able to provide you tips and ides for creating business presentation. You can also connect to the main website to access much more options.

5. Skill Pill:

This app will provide you two minute video on various business topics which includes leadership, management and sales skill. After you have downloaded the app you need to register with the website but it’s worth it because the videos provide the essential knowledge which is required.

6. Strategy Management:

This app is created like a ten chapter book and also lets you test your knowledge that you have gained after reading each chapter with a multiple choice question. After completing the test you’re given a feedback on your performance. Topics available in this app are crafting global strategy, environmental analysis and strategic implementation of issues. It’s an offline app so you don’t need an active connection for the app.

7. Business and Finance Dictionary:

For a quick reference manual that you may need whenever you’re stuck in a business meeting then this app is the ideal choice. It will help you to search for quick definition and also you can choose random business words to keep your vocabulary fresh.

8. Business studies:

This app is created by the most famous Harris eLearning and the topics it covers are at a graduate level. It will provide you with charts and graphs. Also it has numerous topics that will help you to understand your business better. This app is available in the market as a free sample but for the complete version you need to purchase it.

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