Guide to Flash Stock Firmware and CWM and Root Galaxy R i9103 [How To]

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This is the guide for Samsung Galaxy R I9103 users. We have explain them how to flash stock Firmware and CWM in their phone’s Operating System/Firmware.

Before start to proceed with this tutorial we advise you to read the article fully and then implement the given procedure in your device. You are not suppose to do unless you don’t know what does mean.

Galaxy R i9103

Here are some common knowledge terms for you to know before you begin:

1. Stock Firmware :

You will need the stock firmware when your phone stuck in a boot loop (not getting past the splash/start-up screen). Otherwise, you will need that when you face the trouble of updating through OTA Updates or KIES.

2. Odin :

It will be useful for you to flash a Stock/Official FW and in Galaxy R’s case CWM as well.

3. Clockworkmod Recovery:

You will need this to back up your device’s current firmware and to install custom ROMs.

4. Super User :

It will gives you the root access.


  1. Odin
  2. CWM
  3. SuperUser
  4. Flashable ROM/Firmware
  5. Galaxy R phone (It is better to have a fully charged pone but above 60% is good too)
  6. A USB data cable
  7. A Windows PC

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held responsible/liable for any damages that takes place to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.


Step 1 (Downloading & Setup) :

  • First download the Odin from here. Once you downloaded, extract the same.
  • After downloading the zip file extract it.
  • You should get either :

1. Three additional .tar/.tar.md5 files

2. A single .tar/.tar.md5 file


  • After that turn off your Galaxy R phone and open the Odin from the folder and allow it to run.
  • There you need to set up everything is unchecked.
  • After that put your phone in the download mode for that you need to press and hold the Volume Down button, Home button and Power Button (We advise you to press the power button at last).
  • Once you have done that different screen will appear after that press the Volume Up button.
  • Now connect the USB  Data cable with the phone and the computer.
  • After a few minutes of downloading the drivers you will see the screen in different mode.

Step 2 (Flashing the Phone):

  • As we have mentioned earlier you would have either three or just one .tar/.tar.md5 files from extracting the firmware.

Here is how you put the extracted files in Odin:

For three files

  • The file containing the word CODE goes in PDA
  • The file containing the word MODEM goes in PHONE
  • The file containing the word CSC goes in CSC

For Single File

  • For a single .tar/ .tar.md5 file, place the file in the PDA
  • Click start and wait for the yellow rectangle go green and you are done.
  • After that your phone will start automatically and take a few minutes on first boot you have to wait patiently until it start.

As of now, you have learned how to flash your Galaxy R phone. For CWM and root follow the given below tutorial.

Step 3 (Clockwork Recovery Mod):

  • For this you are advised to put the Super file and the custom ROM .zip in the internal SD of the phone (not the SD Card)
  • After that launch the Odin, and keep the previous settings.
  • Click the PDA button and open the CWM file.
  • Then turn off your phone and put it into download mode using the Volume Down button, Home button and Power Button (We advise you to press the power button at last).
  • Once you entered into the download mode connect your device and PC via USB cable.
  • Then hit start on Odin and wait for reboot and then turn off your device.
  • After that turn the device ON. After seeing the Galaxy R logo immediately hit the volume up and home buttons.

If you see your screen as we have given below. Then you have successfully installed the CWM in your device. Bravo!!!!!!!!


Step 4 (Super User/Root access):

  • From the CWM Select “Install zip from sdcard”
  • Look for the Super User .zip file and select it.
  • Select yes to install and then reboot.

NOTE : Recovery navigates using power up and down and to enter the power button.

Now you would have a super icon in your apps! Congrats! you just rooted your phone successfully.


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