Having Trouble Sleeping? Android Is Here To Help With The Apps Designed To Get You Sleep

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Sometimes you have trouble sleeping maybe because you have lot of things in your mind or sometimes you have enough worries that just doesn’t allow you to get a good night’s rest. Or you might be suffering from sleeping disorder such as insomnia. So in such cases what would you do?

Don’t go for the sleeping pills just yet because we have features some of the android apps from the Play Store that will help you to go to sleep no matter how many thoughts you might be having in your head.

Read on to find out the apps that we have collected.

1.     Lightning Bug

This is one of the most popular sleeping apps that is available in the Play store. This app uses relaxing ambient and white noise tracks to help you relax and get you to sleep. The app will also mix the various tracks that will allow you to get good night’s sleep.

The app also allows you to mix over 50 different soothing tracks to create an amazing mix and also you can replace the visualization with a digital clock. Give this app a try from the Play store and is available for free.

2.     Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Music therapy will allow you to sleep easily if you find it difficult to empty your thoughts and relax. This app features best alpha waves that will help you to relax and drift off to sleep and if you go for the pro version then you 12 sets of ambient sounds.

The ambient relaxing sounds are from the ocean, rain etc. which you can mix up to create your own soothing track. You can also tweak the volume of the track to find the right volume at which it is soothing for you.

3.     Sleepy Time

This is another app that is designed to lull you to sleep by making you feel at home. It not only contains relaxing nature sounds but also contains unique sounds like humming of an air conditioner or the sound of a train passing by. All these sounds help you to relax as if you were at home.

The app features over 80 different sounds of household appliances along with nature and wild sounds. You can mix these sounds to create a unique blend which lets you imagine new places as you drift off to sleep.

4.     White Noise

This is another popular sleeping app which has been featured in the Health Magazine and Washington Post. This app features soothing and relaxing white noise that helps you to relax and drift off to sleep. White noise features more than 40 different relaxing sounds.

The app also features an alarm clock along with a shut off timer which helps to conserve your devices battery. You can also easily access you favorite relaxing sound with the tap of a few buttons. You must give this app a try and it’s available in Play Store for just $1.99.


So there you have some of the apps that will help you to sleep by relaxing you with the help of some soothing and relaxing sounds. Do let us know which app you found to be the best

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