HDR Android Apps Helping You To Enhance Your Captured Moments

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The camera qualities in the android phones have been steadily increasing and also there are various options in the camera that allows you to tweak the picture to your liking. But the default camera app in the android has its own limitation.

You can’t enhance the pictures on your own or also add certain artistic touches that allow you to create a perfect memory. For this purpose you can take the help of the HDR camera app that allows you to add or fine tune details in the image to produce an HD quality image.

We have gone through the Play Store and have picked up for you some of the best HDR apps that will turn the images that you capture into HDR quality. Read on to find out about them.

1.     HDR Camera

HDR Camera is the best camera app that can you find in the Play Store. It is a very versatile app that provides you with a range of operation that will allow you to capture dynamic photos allowing you to capture crisp photos.

If you can’t tweak the settings of the app properly it will lead to some cartoonish images to be captured. But other than that the app can compensate for images that were taken with wobbly or shaken hands. This app will transform any android phone into a HD camera.

2.     Camera 360

Camera 360 app has been named in the top 100 technology products by PC world because it will allow you to capture artistic images with the help of your android camera phone. The only drawback of this app is that you need some learning before you use this app and also it drains the battery of your phone quickly.

With this app you can add frames, extra scenery to photos and apply filter. The other features that are available in the app are setting the color to adjust, adjust depth of field. This app is available for free in Play Store.

3.     Photaf Panorama Pro

If you are a fan of taking panorama pictures of landscapes and other great views then this is the right app for you because it will let you create HD panorama photos with your android smartphone. You will be able to create seamless 360 degree panorama shots.

The best feature of this app is that the pictures come out to look like professional photos. The app will guide you on how to take panorama shots easily. You can even use the shots as your live wallpaper.

4.     Pro HDR Camera

This is another app that will easily turn your android camera phone into a standard DSLR camera that will allow you to produce amazing HD photos. This app will allow you to create beautiful full resolution photos.

The app features software enhancements that will allow you to add certain enhancements or highlight certain areas of the photos that will get you the HDR look. The best part is that the app supports up to 8Mp of enhancements. Give this app a try from the Play Store.


So there you have some of the HDR camera apps that will allow you to take full advantage of the powerful camera on your android device. Do let us know which app you found to be the best.

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