High School Android Apps To Make School More Fun

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High school is one of the most interesting fun filled experiences of our life. It might be the case for majority of the people but for some it’s a struggle to finish their senior years as effortlessly as possible.

Whenever you get a high school project you need to do research on it and then prepare a very presentable project to get the maximum grades that are possible. Few years back it involved scouring through various books and encyclopedia but now due to the availability of android high school life has become easy.

We have a prepared a list of android apps for you that will make your high school life more fun.

1.     Wikipedia

This is a must have app for every high school student these days. Wikipedia is the internet’s largest free encyclopedia that you can ever find and they carry information on almost every topic that you can imagine.

The official android app not only increases the speed with which you can obtain information from Wikipedia but also formats the text and size according to your device so that you can enjoy reading the information.


2.     Google Translate

If you are taking a class on foreign language then Google Translate is the best app for you because it offers up to 50 languages for easy translation. If you are having difficulty with any part of the text or speech just open the app and input to receive instantaneous translation.

One of the interesting features of this app is the ability to provide speech to speech translation when a conversation is taking place between two people. You can also view the texts you have translated previously with the need of an internet connection. Give this app a try.


3.     OfficeSuite Viewer 6

There are many times when you need to make or view certain presentation and also edit word documents on the go. For such cases it is difficult to have apps for every kind of file. This is where officesutie viewer 6 comes in and provides you one place where you can view the MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT files easily.

Popular file formats are supported and also you can use this app to download and view attachments from your emails.


4.     Google Drive

In one of our post we have covered the benefits of Google Drive online cloud storage which will allow you and your friends to easily access and share files between each other. Now you don’t have to visit your friend’s house just to edit and view the files.

With Google Drive you can easily share various documents and presentation with your batch fellows and also edit them on the fly while having discussion about it on Skype.


5.     Advanced English & Thesaurus

No matter how much knowledge you have about different words and their different meanings you will still need a dictionary and a thesaurus. The android app has more than 1.4million words which is easily accessible in this 2in1 package thus eliminating the need for installing separate apps.

Whenever you search for a word you will be presented with both the meaning along with opposites and synonyms etc. As you use the search feature you will be presented with related words so that you easily find the words that you are looking for.


So there you have some of the apps that will help you go through your high school more easily. So do let us know if you know of any other apps that will help you go through high school.

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