How “Solid Explore” Can Be Used To Get Better File Management On Your Android Device

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If you are sick of using different file explorers and file managers in your Android device then it is the time to try something new and more advanced. This new app is called “Solid Explorer” which helps you manage your files in a better way.

So far, the design of Android OS has come a long way. However, there is still only one file explorer in the OS that most of the people user. There is a new Android App called “Solid Explorer” available in the market. With the help of this app, a user can manage the files and menus in an effective way.

Use Friendly Design

This app lets you organize all your files, folders and menus in a user friendly style. Not only that you can manage your files easily but you can also access them very easily and with less complication with the help of this application.


Normally, when you install and use a file explorer, you get to see the directory listing, only a few feature buttons. In some apps, you can also find a search box so you can find something easily. However, there are a lot of features in Solid Explorer and of course; none of other apps can stand against this great app.

Android users need to get the dual panel browsing and that is what Solid Explorer has brought for all of you. What would you prefer? Selecting a file and then finding a folder where you want to place it or you would like drag and drop the file smoothly?

Dual Pane

There are two different panels provided in Solid Explorer. It means that you can use two explorer windows at the same time for file management. In one panel, you can open the folder from where you want to pick the files and on the other panel; you can open the folder in which you want to move the files.


Both the panels work independently, so if you are doing something in one panel, it doesn’t have any effect on other panel and its files. If you are using your device in portrait mode, you can swipe between the two panels and in case of landscape mode; you can move both panels side-by-side.

Advanced Features

There are many other things that you can do with Solid Explorer. For example, you can create different file formats like ZIP, RAT and TAR. If you are looking for something more, you can also connect your Dropbox account or the box cloud account with this app too.


You can also use SFTP, FTP or SMB so you can easily access your data online. All these features are really great for any Android Smartphone and I’m sure, you will love using this app too.

You can also customize the skin of this app too. Well, this feature may also be available in all other data storage or file management apps but Solid Explorer gives a spicy look to all the features. Managing files and accessing them has been made a lot easier in this new app.

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