How to Add Own Custom Sounds in Android Device

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The very first thing most people do after getting a new phone is changing the ringtone. Depending on the manufacturer the options to change the alarm tone, message tone and ringtone are vary.

If you do not like the pre-installed ringtones then you can change that as your wish from the computer. If you already stored your favorite tones in your computer that you get from the internet.

android phone-ringtone

1. Choosing the Right File Types:

Before you start copying those files to your phone or the tablet, you must check whether they end in the correct extension. There are many different kinds of sound files out there, and not all of them will work with android.

android phone-ringtone-1

The most preferred file is MP3, because it is very easy to find, as well as compressed and moreover it take only less memory. Next to MP3 files, M4A files, WAV Files, and the less common OGG files are preferred. If you stick on to any one of the files then you don’t have any problem.

2. Copy your sounds:

android phone-ringtone-2

You can customize only the three sounds in your android phone such as alarm sound, notification sound or ringtone sound. For that, you need to make a folder of each one that you want to customize on your computer and place the sounds you want in each corresponding folder.

3. Transferring Sound Files:

First connect your android device to your computer using an USB cable. It might take few seconds to recognize it so wait patiently until. If you have an older device that doesn’t become visible after a few seconds, you may need to go into Android notifications and mount USB storage.

android phone-ringtone-3

For non-windows users with older devices, you can also mount USB storage in OSX and linux to copy files over. If you have a newer android, you probably don’t have this option on your device. OSX users can use Android File Transfer, but connecting to Linux is beyond the scope of this guide. It might be easiest for Linux users to use something like AirDroid to transfer their files wirelessly.

android phone-ringtone-4

Once you open your device to view its files, you should see something like the above. If your device already has folders for Alarms, Notifications, and Ringtones, just drag and drop your sound files into the corresponding folders in Android. If these folders don’t already exist, drag and drop the entire folders from your computer.

4. Selecting new sounds:

android phone-ringtone-5

Once all your files copied over, first unplug the android device from the computer and reboot your phone or tablet. Then go to the main android settings and find the sound menu. From there you can set the ringtone and notification sounds.

For your better understanding i have given the example at below. I have copied Daft_Punk_Derezzed.mp3 into my phone’s ringtone folder, so let’s find it and set it to that ringtone.

android phone-ringtone-6

And there it is, ripe for the setting. You might have noticed that the name of my ringtone does not match the name of the actual file I copied over. That’s because mp3 files can have internal file naming that differs from the file name you see on your computer, so don’t panic if you can’t find your MP3 ringtone right away.

android phone-ringtone-7

If you refer back to the “Choosing the Right File Types” section of this guide, you’ll notice the internal filename is listed in that folder under Title.

android phone-ringtone-8

You can similarly set the default notification sound from Android settings, just like your ringtone. If you want to make sure your alarm sounds copied over correctly, open up any alarm app and change the alarm sound – your sound files should now be selectable in the menu.

That’s it. It’s really a very simple process. Now, you can enjoy your android phone with your favorite sounds.

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