How to Boot Android form SD Card on the Samsung Wave

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In this article, you will know about how to get android booting from the bada device’s SD Card. At below we have given the instructions. Actually the process itself is not overly difficult, but does require that users pay attention.

You will need to download several zips that will be flashed in recovery. During the process, users are given the choice as to how much they want to use for internal storage for the android ROM they are flashing, so that the SD Card can be properly partitioned.

Samsung Wave

Once you have finished, you will have the option of booting into Bada or Android. There are some issues, such as no modem functionality, the microphone, magnetometer, optical sensor etc are not worked. So, it is not exactly the daily driver status just yet. Since Bada still works, it allows the users to get the android experience without losing functionality entirely.

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held responsible/liable for any damages takes to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.


1. Tigrouzen Rom Based on Cyanogen Mod 10.1 included Gapps
2. Kernel V1 for android
(Without Camera You have 296~303 MB Ram)
3. Kernel V2 for Android 4.2.1 Camera works,Video also work(without record) and You have 280MB Ram

Installation from SD card:

NOTE : Bada 2.0 is required

1. For fresh installation reflash the bada. Don’t forget to backup your SD card.

2. Download 2 packages: BOOTFILES, armlinux_boot for S8500

3. Download zImage (Kernel) from upper.

4. Start bada.

5. Copy zImage to the Bada’s user partition (the one about 390 Mb big).

6. Flash the Bootfiles and FOTA using Multiloader (If you have been already using FOTA and BOOTFILES you don’t need to reflash)

7. Switch off your phone.

8. Go to CWM using Call End + Volume Up buttons.

9. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Black screen for upto 3 minutes.

10. CWM Recovery starts, pick: Advanced>SD Partition>select how many space you want as internal memory>SWAP-0M (F.e : If you have 8GB select 4096, 4GB select 2048, 2GB select 1024 and etc..)

IMPORTANT : After SD Partitioned then go to the next step, no need to reboot.

11. Then follow this and connect USB to PC : Mounts and Storage>Mount USB Storage

12. Copy your Rom to SD Card and unmount USB Storage

– install zip from sdcard
– choose zip from sdcard
– “”
– Yes – install

13. Then reboot holding the Power key.

For delete now no need to reflash bada, just repartite your SD Card as normal, or let miss that.

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