[How to] Bootloader Unlock and Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery in HTC Desire V

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Before start to proceed you have to unlock the bootloader and Install CWM recovery on your phone. So, let’s start the tutorial for that:

HTC Desire V

Disclaimer: Best Android Blog should not be held responsible for any damages that might occur to your device while following this rooting procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Step 1-Bootloader Unlock:

  • First go to the htcdev.com then create an account there and click on Unlock Bootloader. Choose “All Other Supported Models” and click on begin bootloader unlock at the place.
  • You will not void your all warranty but only HTC will not cover the problems which are caused due to software problems so accept the agreement.
  • To enter into the bootloader mode first switch off your phone. Then hold the volume down button and start pressing the power button.
  • Use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to select “Fastboot” and select it using the Power button. Now connect your USB cable and continue following the HTC instructions.
  • You need the zip file which you must have downloaded from the above link. You also need HTC USB Drivers installed to connect it with you device. Using the command prompt you can simply navigate to the extracted files and run the fastboot command. (Use the command “cd C:/myextractedzip” to change to a directory).
  • Save the Unlock_Code.bin attachment which you get from HTC by Email into the same extracted zip folder and run the next command. You now have an unlocked bootloader and the phone will start up and an HTC wizard.

That’s it. Your Boot-loader is now unlocked. Congrats!

Step 2: Flash Clockwork Recovery

  • First check whether USB Cable is connected in your device. If it so, then remove that and boot your device again into the bootloader mode. Click fastboot and reconnect it to your PC.
  • Now run the following command on your PC via fastboot :- fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.
  • Switch off your phone now again and make sure that the USB cable is also removed from your computer.

Now, download the Desire_V_Official.zip ROM file copy to SD card folder must not be located in any of the coding.

1. HTC Desire V shut completely

2. Press and hold the Down Button and press the Volume Up and Power button and wait.

3. Select Recovery and Press Power button

4. Select wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition

5. Go to the advanced menu.

  • wipe dalvik cache
  • wipe battery stats

6. Select install zip from sdcard menu

7. Choose zip from sdcard

8. Select the file Desire_V_Official.zip to the Flash ROM.

Wait When the Flash has finished, select reboot system now.

Finishing the Flash ROM.

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