How to Buy Nexus 4 (or Whatever) From Google Play Store Outside US

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Guys, after reading this article you will definitely know how to buy any device (especially Nexus 4 device) from Google Play Store outside the US.

Actually ordering the device from Google Play Store (USA) is very easy and safe. You do not need any credit card for this, but you should have the International credit card to buy this device. If you don’t know any one in U.S to buy and deliver this device to you, then you get a help from some forwarding service like the US BOX, ShopandShip etc.


You probably may have a doubt is that legal or illegal? If you have that doubt then go here and read the Google Play Terms of Service (especially read the item 3.1 ) and do everything at your own risk. Best android blog would not be held responsible for anything.


This method consists on faking you are living on the US. For doing that, you will need an International credit card for purchasing the product as I have mentioned earlier.

You should have Google Account and Google Wallet account for accessing Play Store, and a tool which will fake the U.S environment. On purpose of adding security layers, you may need some additional tools and steps.

1. Assuming that you are already registered on Play Store and Google Wallet, log on at and click on “Payment methods”.Click “Add Card” or Account (add new credit or debit card).

  • Then fill all the fields with your card information, except Address. There you need to set an US valid address. Google doesn’t checks if is it US credit card. Because many people that born on their countries, have accounts on their countries, jobs on US. Doesn’t have US credit card or credit count, but have an US Address. That in mind, Google checks billing address.
  • Since Google released Music Store, their is a security system “checks” your IP location for only agreeing to give access for US residents, you will need to pretend there you are. Google will check this condition on some cases while you are logged on restrictive services as Music, Device Stores etc.

E.g. When you will click to purchase something or paying something etc.  That said, we’ll need to keep logged as the US resident until we get finished with what we’re purposed to do.

  • Also, there are several way for doing that step (VPN, Proxies, etc) but I will teach only one here. The one I think is most balanced between safe and easy to use.
  • The way is TOR . If you don’t know TOR, please spend some time to know what does mean. You’ll need to know some tips for running this the way we want, but basically, you’ll need an US secure fingerprint. I recommend you chose an server that’s is running on secure ports as 443 HTTPS, but despite all TOR data is cryptography, keep in mind that its not a guarantee that you’re are safe, as you’re still vulnerable to attacks techniques such as man-in-the-middle.
  • Also, you can read this for doing that. Otherwise, you will need to be clicking on “Use new identity” every time ’till you find an US identity.
  • If you are not comfortable to use TOR, I will have to advice you that it’s the safer free way, in my opinion, since you know well the fingerprint you are using. You also may want to pay some VPN service, or ask someone that lives on US for providing its computers as proxy for you, whatever.
  • Also, you may want to use Tails, which is the most complete and safe solution for that. Free. You will need to download and burn it, so boot from it.

2. Download and configure (or keep switching identities) TOR. Launch TOR. Be sure you are using an US fingerprint and access.

3. Now, you can test if you are able to purchase something on US Google Play Store. You can do that by adding some free music. Free songs are counted and listed as *US$0.00* on Wallet. It will prove that you done. Now, that you notice you can purchase any books, songs, movies on Play Store, you will such as able to purchase devices as well.

As I have said earlier, Google doesn’t ships devices outside US. Find some forwarding service or ask someone on US to take it for you. No doubt that asking some friend for doing that is the cheaper choice, as you’ll may need to pay taxes when device arrives in your country. But some forwarding services are very skilled on avoiding these taxes when product gets the customs.

4. That’s it.

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