How To Configure “Google Now” On Your Android Device To Set Your Virtual Assistant On Hand

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If you think Google is trying to compete Apple with its ‘Google Now’ feature against Siri you might be thinking not up to the mark of Google Now’s functionality.

Google now is just not a answering machine to answer your question to search things online. It’s way more than that type of functionality.  Google now is to provide more information and interpret them faster to your need.

Google now is enough to make every android users life automated in case of availability of information. In this post I will take you through the steps to configure Google Now on you Android device like Nexus 7 or Galaxy S3 with Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Let’s Set the Google Now right here for your Android

Step One:

Launch the Google now by any of following way:

  • Swipe up towards the ‘Google’ icon from lock screen
  • Swipe up from any of your soft keys.
  • Press in and swipe up from the back arrow, home key, or recent key

Step Two:

Set Up the welcome screen options.

Step Three:

In this step you have to configure your Google Now Cards. To do this, look at right bottom corner to tap on the menu button to open voice search settings.

Make sure that you look carefully some sample cards to customize every option with your personal needs and purpose. You can find bottom of screen by taping on the show sample card tab.

Step Four:

Now you know the options on the card and how to fill it up. It’s time to give your Google Now instruction to populate data.

Search some item with your Google now with your sports team, weather, restaurant, flight numbers etc. To do this you have to tap your microphone and ask something.

Step Five:

Now it’s time to set up the privacy option. It is best that you enable all the settings of privacy there. After you complete the privacy setting you have enable option for location settings with capturing the location history. 

Here you can do it easily by launch the Google map feature.
It’s all done in above five steps and gradually you will be shown some cards according your location and settings you enabled.

Where ever you go you can find out the cards and as much your Google Now get used to with your daily life its better and better day by day to get you most accurate data to make your life more convenient than ever.

About Sarvesh Darak

Sarvesh Darak is a blogger, an online marketer, a social media specialist and an Android Lover. At Best Android Blog, he writes Android news & tutorials for Android Rooting. He is the tech head and ensures that the blog keeps running at good pace. He also looks after all the SEO and promotion work. He’s from Surat, India and keep contributing regularly at the blog.


  1. Thanks for the walkthrough. My question is that Google Now won’t let me setup my sports teams. I can ask for scores manually with sucess, but no cards seems to be retained. My teams are ‘out of market’ teams and I have been using for about a week. Any suggestions?

    • Sathishkumar Varatharajan says:

      Sorry man, we have no idea how to fix your issue. If we come across anything, we will let you know.

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