How To Control Your Data Usage On Android

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These days the availability of 4G connection means you have the wen on your fingertips and you can download and view everything instantaneously. Most providers offer different options on various data plan some are limited while others are labeled as unlimited.

But don’t be fooled with the word Unlimited because if you don’t read the fair usage policy which most providers have written out in a very short font then you will easily exceed your data plan and end up paying more or worse getting your browsing speed capped.

So we have prepared this post through which you can monitor your data usage and also make sure that you don’t cross the limit of your data plan. So read on to find out more.

1.     Monitor The Data Usage

First most way of making sure that you are within your data plan is to monitor your data usage. This option is very easy if you own an ice cream sandwich running phone. In the latest android 4.0 in the settings menu there is an option for monitoring the data usage.

If you do not own an Android 4.0 device then you can download many data monitoring app that are available in the Play Store. The best option is to download a data monitoring app that is available from your carrier as it will give you an accurate measurement of your data usage.


2.     Find Free Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi has its many advantages. First the speed is constant and also you can avoid using your cellular data. Most of the time it’s not easy to find free Wi-Fi but there is a solution to this problem.

You can download third party apps from the Play Store that will allow you to free Wi-Fi access points. One such app is Wi-Fi Manager that will list all the open connections in your area and also will show you the signal strength of the connection. Give this app a try.


3.     Use A Lighter Web Browser

Instead of relying on the stock android web browser you can try using a light browser for instance the Opera mini. It helps in saving your mobile data by compressing the webpage and sending it to your device.

With opera mini you can customize various settings that not only help you in saving your data but also makes web browsing an interesting experience in your android device.


4.     Avoid Constant Cache Clearing

If you frequently visit one particular website often then avoid clearing your cache because every time you clear your cache you need to download the website information again instead of just downloading the updates.

So avoid using any task killers because most of them also clear the phone cache which stores the website information. So avoid clearing your phone cache often.


5.     Avoid Streaming

Streaming music or videos is a huge waste of your cellular data. If you are not on Wi-Fi connection then avoid streaming videos and music on your device.

You can use the app Tubemate that will allow you to download Youtube videos directly on your android device but make sure to do it when you’re on Wi-Fi connection.

So there you have some of the ways with which you can control your mobile data plan and also avoid exceeding the limit. Do let us know what other ways are available with which you can monitor the data usage

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  1. Google Android says:

    Thanks for this great review! You can also use android apps to control data usage.

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Hi Aadam, you are right. Using certain apps will help us to control the data usage. We will try and cover them all in an article shortly.

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