How To Customize Your Android Beast Samsung Galaxy S3 Home Screen

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After spending a whopping $600 for buying the Android beast Samsung greets us on galaxy S3 with its own clean looking home screen, the latest version of the Touch Wiz UI with NatureUX which makes you feel like you are not using a machine.

This super high end android phone has loads of customization options with addition deletion and re-addition of the home screen.  This  monster android comes with default seven home screens which are more than enough for all your widgets and application shortcuts.

In the home screen you can choose to customize any screen according to your own taste. If you want you can keep it clean and free if you want you can fill it with good looking widgets.

One of the good features Samsung has figured out that if a screen contains a lot of widgets and you have to replace them with another set of widgets there is no requirement of deleting each and every widget, you can simply just delete that screen and add a fresh blank screen in place of the old home screen which is really very cool feature.

So let’s start editing your home screen,

The things that you can do can be

  • Addition of a home screen.
  • Deletion of a home screen
  • Change default home screen

The first thing we are going to cover is how to delete a home screen; it’s a very simple process.

Step 1) Press Home button

Step 2) tap and hold an empty area of home screen

Step 3) Go to option Add

Step 4) Go to the option Page

Step 5) a set of pages will be displayed which is ready to be customized. Choose a home screen you want to delete

Step 6) tap and hold the home screen and in the bottom a trash can icon appears, just dag the home screen to that icon and your home screen gets deleted.

For addition of home screen :

Step 1) you must have less than 7 home screen used before you can add an additional home screen.

Step 2) Follow Step 1-4 of the previous process.

Step 3) press the ‘+’ button like in the screenshot and your home screen is added.

For rearranging and changing the default home screen:

Step 1) follow step 2 of the previous process.

Step 2) tap and hold the home screen you want to rearrange and drag it to your desired position.

If we want to change the default home screen from clock to the Flipboard home screen then we need to follow the next step

Step 3) there is a small home icon at the top right corner of every home screen tap the home icon on the desired screen. As soon as the icon turns blue the default home screen is changed to the desired home screen.

Step 4) Press the Home button.

So from this tutorial you learn that how you can customize your favorite Android phone’s Home screen as the way you like it.

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  1. do you use android 4.0.4? how did you manage to open the menu for home screens? when i tap or hold the home screen or home button nothing happend, and i don’t have “edit” options on the settings menu.

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