How to Decompile with APK Tool [Easy Method]

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Many guides are available to explain how to decompile with Apk tool, but none are noob friendly. But am sure, this guide will definitely help them. I don’t want to waste your time. So, let’s directly go to the procedure without the unnecessary introduction.


  • Apktool
  • Java JDK/JRE 32 bit
  • Super Basic Cmd/terminal knowledge

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held responsible/liable for any damages that takes place to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.


  • First download the Apk tool from here. Once downloaded extract that zip folder to anywhere you choose, preferably on root of C/drive.

E.g: C:/android/apktool extracting the files to ‘apktool’ folder.

apk tool folder

  • Now copy the apk you would like to mod into your Apk tool folder.

Command Prompt:

  • After that open your command prompt by going to Start -> run -> type : Cmd


Your cmd will probly look like this..


so type in

cd.. (Include the ‘..’ and press enter after you type each command).

this will get you to back directory so now you will see


so type again


you should now see this:


now type in:

cd ‘apktoo’l/’directory’

for me it looks like:

cd android/apktool

now you should see:

C:/android/apktool and you are in the apktool directory

Installing Framework:

  • Once you have done that now you are in directory we need to install the device’s framework to your system for it to compile correctly so type this:apktool if framework-res.apk.

Installing Framework

  • This will install the devices framework to your system


  • Now to decompile the apk you want to edit, type this:


  • apktool d framework-res.apk framework1 (or) apktool d music.apk music. (Music.apk is the apk you are decompiling, music is the folder you are creating for the decompiled apk)

Recompiling/Finished Product:

  • Now to recompile your new apk type this:


  • apktool b music music-new.apk (or) apktool b framework1 framework-res-new.apk. (framework1 is the folder with your edited files framework-res-new.apk is your new apk file).
  • We are not done yet, we cannot use the new apk’s. We have to take what we did and add it back to the original apk file t keep proper signature. Use something like 7zip, take the ‘resources.arcs’ file and any other xml files you edited out of the “-new” apk and copy them into Original apk.
  • Your new modded APK is now ready. Congrats!!!!
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