How To Do Backup And Restore Android Devices

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Android operating system has so much variation in the application. Android almost certainly can do all sorts of purposes with many choices of Android applications.

We can find all android application in Google play that available a wide range of applications, but most applications can only restore and keep one by one. There are applications that called Titanium that can do all this job simply but it’s not free.

If you want to back up Android phone, SMS, application, etc there are applications that can backup and store all our application on computer or memory card easily.

These backups are very easy to do through Gmail accounts for free. This method is fairly safe and you can access it anytime also the capacity is very large for carrying our data.

Suggestions for the best backup you should save the results in the computer just not on the memory card because if it is damaged you can still retrieve the data inside the computer.  After you successfully perform a backup on your Gmail account, it can also return data quickly and easily with just one practical step.

On Google Play there are two applications that quite similar and almost have the same function. Applications SMS backup and SMS Backup+ is a backup application that is highly recommended because root access can be used by anyone.

Both of these applications are not paid and we can secure short messages, telephone call, etc into our gmail account.

Features of the application

  •     Automatic backup text messages, phone calls to the Gmail address
  •     Automatic return to back up data from your handset
  •     List how many facilities will be backed up
  •     Auto mark backup email
  •     Changing the name of the backup storage on your own Gmail labels
  •     Backup option using Wi-Fi signal

Link  to Google Play is Here, Get it and Back it up.

For Android phone backup applications, there is a small application that is very lightweight and easy to use. The application named Batch APK Installer. Applications developed by XDA-Developers can backup any data on your mobile phone including game data.

The program is portable enough to download and then run to start the backup or restore applications and games for android phone before formatted or update to the latest ROM.

You simply connect the android mobile devices via a USB cable to the computer, and if Android phones already in the root, we can use wifi access and simply download and install a small application called Google adbWireless from Google play, then check the box “ADB Wireless Link” on the main window.

USB debug mode is needed to be enabled to work, this APK batch installer program is very easy to use even for those who are new to Android devices

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