How To Download Unsupported File Format Through Your Android Browser

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With the advent of android devices are becoming much powerful and as each year passes the hardware in the tablets and phones are becoming more and more powerful which is used properly can easily replace your current netbook. Android is the most favored mobile computing OS because you have an app for almost each and everything which allows you to do more with your smartphone previously thought impossible.

There are active developers for instance the XDA developers who are continuously looking for different ways that will increase the usefulness of your android device. They continue to tweak the Android OS to get more out of it or develop an app that allows you to do the same with your mobile or tablet which would have been possible only with your netbook or laptop.

Android browsers are getting more efficient and are able to display the desktop version of the website without any trouble. If your device supports flash then you can easily view flash content on your device and also play flash games right on your android browser rather than going to your desktop or laptop.

You can also download various types of files right on your android browser but sometimes there are certain types of file format that you need and you can open in your device due to an app that you have downloaded form play store but before that you are unable to download the app right on your device.

So in that instance how to download the unsupported file format on your android device? Well don’t worry because we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to download the unsupported file. Read on to find out more.

How To Download Unsupported File Format Using Android Browser

  1. Visit the play store and search for the app ASTRO File Manager. The free version is ad-supported but you can also purchase the pro version which has some other additional features and no ads.
  2. Once the app has installed launch the app and tap on menu button and then tap on more option
  3. Tap on preferences from the options and then look for an option called Enable Browser download. So tap on it to enable it
  4. After you have enabled this option now you need to test it so open your browser and try downloading the file that you weren’t able to download previously
  5. You will notice that the file is being downloaded and that you are not getting the Cannot download message so it shows that you are successful.

So there you go now you can easily download any file format through your android browser without any difficulty. The best part of this is that the app is free and you can do it few minutes.

So do let us know what you think and if there any other ways with which you can download any file format through your android browser.

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  1. Why do I have to download a 3rd party app? Rediculous!

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