How to Enter Trademark Symbol on Android Phone

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Nowadays, you can do almost everything in your android phone related to business, work,  studies etc. In case you are typing the business documents in your phone, you may need to access to symbols not found on the regular keyboard. At that you need to switch to the symbols page on the keyboard.

For Eg: Trademark symbol, Celsius symbol, Beta and Gamma symbol etc.

Trademark symbol

If you use any one of the above mentioned symbol frequently (for example am taking trademark symbol), you can save the time by selecting the symbol after typing it once, copying it, then simply pasting to insert it every time thereafter.

Other keyboards available for download through the Google Play Store offer other various ways to input non-standard characters. If you use such characters often, check to see if one of the many third-party keyboards would simplify your work.

If you are an Android developer and need to display the trademark symbol in your app, type the Unicode definition “\u2122” into any string. This will appear as the symbol when the app runs.

Disclaimer : The given below steps are apply only to the default keyboard as of system version 4.2 and may vary on other versions. Your phone manufacturer may also include a customized keyboard used instead of the default android keyboard, which may or may not offer the trademark symbol in its keys. If it does not, you may able to switch back to the default android keyboard in the system settings under “Language & Input.”


  • First go to the text entry field (I mean Create Message) to bring up the onscreen keyboard.
  • Next press the “?123” button to switch the keyboard to a page with numbers and symbols.
  • Then tap on “~\{“ to bring up a second page of symbols.
  • Push the trademark symbol to insert it in your text. This page also offers other related symbols, such as the registered trademark symbol and the copyright symbol.
  • Tap “ABC” to return to the regular keyboard.
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