How to Flash Taiwanese or European ROM on Mainland Chinese T328W/HTC Desire V

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This method will install the 100% stock version of Taiwanese or European ROM to your phone, without running into the CID unmatched problem. It does not change or upgrade Radio in the process.

To proceed with this tutorial you need to check whether your device is Bootloader Unlocked and have custom recovery.

HTC Desire V

Disclaimer: Best Android Blog should not be held responsible for any damages that might occur to your device while following this rooting procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.


  • First download the pseudo flashing tool: HTC_T328w_1.56.1402.6_BackToOriginal_modified.rar. This is a pseudo flashing tool that pretends to behave like the official flashing tool, and thus enable any unlocked phone to flash back a modified version (Slim down and rooted) of the OTA 1.56.1402.6 stock ROM. Don’t worry too much about this ROM as it is only needed as an intermediary process.
  • Once downloaded unzip the file, it should contain several files including a ROM.ZIP.
  • Next reboot the phone into the “BOOTLOADER” by restarting (or switch on) the phone and pressing “POWER” and “VOLUME DOWN” at the same time. Then go into “FASTBOOT”.
  • Then connect the T328W to PC via USB cable. The phone should now display “FASTBOOT USB”.
  • Open the file HTC pseudo flashing tool.exe from step 2. Half the interface is in Chinese but don’t worry! It’s straightforward enough. The functions are as follow:
    B – Enter Bootloader;
    S – go into Flashing Mode
    F – Flash the pseudo official ROM
    Q – Reboot from Flashing Mode
    I – developer’s information
  • In all these, we will use only S and F.
  • Press S and Enter, then Y and Enter to confirm. This will bring your phone into Flashing Mode. The screen will be displaying a big HTC logo in the middle of it and nothing else.
  • Press F and Enter, then Y and Enter to confirm. This will start the pseudo flashing process to flash the content of the ROM.ZIP into your phone.
  • When it is done, reboot. The phone will be flashed with the pseudo official ROM.
  • Actually, the tool is created in such a way that you can flash a great variety of different custom ROM as if they are official ROM files. All that needed to be done is change what’s inside of the ROM.ZIP file.
  • Unzip two files from official RUU Taiwan version (PL11IMG_PRIMO_DS_ICS_40A_hTC_Asia_TW_1.59.709.3_R adio_1.05.34D.29_20.21.30.23U_release_264969_signe d): BOOT_SIGNED.IMG and SYSTEM.IMG.
  • Open the ROM zip using WINRAR as it is, do not extract or unpack.
  • Select the Boot.img and System.img and click “Delete” on Winrar.
  • Click “ADD” on WINRAR, and add the two files (“BOOT_SIGNED.IMG “ and “SYSTEM.IMG”) from the official Taiwanese ROM RUU from step 9. (DO NOT RENAME THE BOOT FILES! Leave it as BOOT_SIGNED.IMG). Save it as ROM.ZIP
  • Replace the ROM.ZIP from step 2 with the ROM.ZIP from step 12.
  • Repeat Step 3 to step 8. If you want to install Taiwan ROM then download it from here. After you downloaded this go to step 13.
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