How to Improve the Android Smartphone Battery Life

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The android smartphone brings numerous changes to our life. It helps in many ways to live our life smarter. But if we use our smartphone in a full-fledged manner its battery level is quickly depleted. I think, it is one of the major disadvantage of smartphone.As a result we cannot use that at the time of emergency.

If you are struggling with the same problem as i have mentioned above, hope these tips will help you.

Android Smartphone Battery Life

1. Use Automatic Brightness:

It is always advisable to use the automatic brightness in your smartphone. Because the display plays an important role to reduce the life of the battery.

2. Use only 2G  Networks:

You can find this option in Settings > More > Mobile Networks (in ICS). Enabling this option will improve your battery by not connecting your device to 3G networks, which have a higher impact in battery.

You should definitely be check this option especially when you live an area without 3G. If you are a heavy data mobile data user, this can be a useful way to improve your mileage.


3. Turn off WiFi/Bluetooth:

If your Wi-Fi connection is always enabled then it will completely drain your battery. So, simply turn off the WiFi when not in use. Likewise , you should turn off your Bluetooth also when not in use. Not only to save power but as a security measure as well.

4. Lower your Screen Timeout:

Your screen timeout defines how long the device will wait until it turns OFF the screen when not in use. Just in case, if you forget to lock your phone, or leave it unattended for a long time without locking it, definitely it will squeeze some extra juice off the battery. You can find this in Settings > Display > Sleep.

5. Search for Misbehaving apps:

It is necessary to check what are all the apps consuming more power.  Fortunately in android phone, the detailed battery manager is present by default, so going into Settings > Battery can already help you locate any potential leaks. If you are still having trouble with a misbehaving app however, you may opt for a more robust solution, such as battery stats plus that notifies you when it detects that an app is being too p0wer hungry.

6. Keep in Cooler Temperature:

Batteries work best in cooler temperatures, with prolonged warm periods gradually lowering their efficiency over time.

7. Use push notifications if possible:

Android’s built in e.mail application is great and stylish and everything. But having it poll for messages every 15 minutes isn’t the best for your battery. If your mail provider offers push notification support use it – the excellent standalone Hotmail app does, for example, which will help lessen power drain a little.

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