How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Device

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You have recently bought the most popular and sought after android device but no matter what everyone says about its battery life the device just doesn’t live up to your expectations. You’re on TWITTER OR FACEBOOK and enjoying a lively conversation over 3G or WIFI and suddenly you notice the battery indicator and its dropping fast although you have charged it to 100% just hours back. Well worry not because its not the fault of the device or its battery.

Increase Android Battery Life

The battery is just fine but the power is being drained to keep the background tasks running which you may or may not need. You may have installed many applications which run in the background or constantly syncing with the server updating information and that needs processing power and as a result the processor is constantly running which hogs the battery leaving you with less power for your needs.

One way to prevent background process from crawling in and taking away the precious battery is to install a custom task manager which can be found on the android market which will enable you to monitor the different tasks that are running in the background and disable them permanently.

Another way to maximize the battery is to install custom aftermarket firmware which will let you setup your device according to your wishes and increasing battery life tremendously. But this process will void your warranty. So before I delve into the reasons why you would want to install a custom aftermarket firmware let me tell you how android works.

Imagine ANDROID OS just like the WINDOWS 7 it has many processes and threads built in applications that need to be run at the moment it starts. Some of these features you may or may not need but regardless they are running in the background. You can’t disable them permanently as they are core feature of ANDOIRD OS so these processes take up processing time and also battery. These features can be disable only by expert programmers and coders.

One of the most popular custom android firmware is called CYANOGEN MOD developed by a team of expert coders who have stripped the android OS to its basic core as android is an open source operating system so they were able to get rid of unnecessary battery hogging features leaving only essentials. The result is amazing battery life with all features that android has to offer. So the firmware is very smooth, fast and stable. These firmware also offer lot of customization according to your wishes and you can control how the device feels in your hands, letting you create an android of your own choosing.

There is loads of custom firmware available but using them would be at your own risk as you would void your warranty! Then again when battery life is what matters the most I think any person owning an android device would love to give the custom firmware a try and to find the one that suits their needs. Detailed guides on how to flash and load a custom firmware is available and by following them step by step a complete novice on android device can become the MASTER OF ANDROID.

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