How To Install Amazon Silk On Your Android Device

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Amazon Silk is the famous android browser that is available on the kindle and Kindle fire. The browser offers many great options to control your data usage and also allows is very fast and efficient unlike other android browsers that are available.

If you have always wanted to try the Amazon silk browser then there is a way for you to enjoy it. We have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to enjoy amazon silk but for this purpose you need a rooted android device and PC.

Before we proceed a word of caution that you are performing this procedure at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any damage or unwanted effects on your device.

Instructions For Installing Amazon Silk

  1. First most Root your device if it isn’t rooted and install ClockworkMod Recovery in your android device.
  2. Then perform a Nandroid backup so that if something does goes wrong you can restore your previous installation
  3. Now download the latest version of Silkport file
  4. After the file is downloaded now unzip it
  5. Reboot your android device into recovery mode. On a Samsung device hold the volume up + power button + menu button simultaneously until the device boots into recovery mode.
  6. Once in recovery mode you should transfer the files of Silkport that you have unzipped either by connecting your device via the USB cable or by loading the files into the memory card and inserting it in your device
  7. Now reboot into android OS and use Root explorer or any other android file manager app to copy the files of Silkport into /system/lib directory and set the permissions of the file to match the permissions of the other files in the directory
  8. Now you need to install the Silkport.apk in your device and make sure that installation from unknown sources has been selected
  9. After installation has been completed you need to copy the amazon.cloud9-1.apk file from /data/app directory to /system/app directory and reboot your device.

Once you device is rebooted now you can enjoy the amazon Silk browser in your android device.

Do let us know if you faced any trouble in installing the Silk and also let us know if there is any other easy way with which you can install amazon silk in your android device.

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