How to Install Unreleased Gmail 4.2 APK with Pinch-to-Zoom

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In this tutorial, we have given the download links and installation instructions to get the leaked Gmail 4.2 on your device. Please make a note that this is an unreleased version so errors will be there. Just in case, you face the issues with ‘waiting to sync’ then Go to settings and clear the app data there and try again.

The Gmail 4.2 APK is signed by Google, but with a different key than the one in the Google Play Store. One is the test key and the other is the production key. For this reason, you can’t simply install it as an update and therefore you need to root your device with the ability to mount the/system directory for writing in-order to remove the existing Gmail APK.

Procedure to Install:

You will probably need ADB installed on your computer (here’s an easy way that doesn’t require downloading the Android SDK). There is a chance that this might work without ADB by just removing the APKs mentioned below and installing the new one, but it didn’t seem to work reliably for everyone.

1. First, download the Gmail 4.2 from here.

2. So, once you downloaded then Rename it to Gmail2.apk.

3. Then Make a Nandroid backup (Just in case, anything goes wrong you could easily recover them with the help of backup)

4. Delete or move all other versions of Gmail. Usually there are 2 or 3 copies. One will be in /system/app (that’s the original Gmail that was pre-installed on the device) and there may be a few in /data/app (these are the updates installed from the Play Store). They’ll be called “Gmail.apk,” or “[number].apk,” An easy way to tell is to look for the Gmail icon.

5. You may need to delete the .odex files matching the APKs in step 4 too, if you have them.

6. After that reboot your device. Once you do, you should have no Gmail as far as android is concerned.

7. You can try to install the Gmail 4.2 APK you downloaded at this point by tapping it in your favorite file explorer (move the APK to your device first, of course). If that doesn’t work, or if you prefer ADB, fire up a command line and type adb install Gmail2.apk.

8. If you get an error message, you probably didn’t delete all copies of Gmail. So, go and delete it and again try the process.

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