How To Manage Your Android Phone Wirelessly Through Your Desktop

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There are instances when you just cant get away from your work on your desktop PC because the files needed are very vital and you may need them any time.

But now you don’t have to worry because Android has offered us with many thousands of app which can help us in one way or the other. There are apps with which you could remotely control your desktop and also download files from your desktop right on your phone.

But in this article we will be looking at some of the apps that will help you to manage your android phone wirelessly form any desktop PC. So now you don’t have to be bound to your phone or desktop PC always like before.

1. Dropbox

Now you can have all your files including pictures, video and music within your reach without the need for carrying around a removable storage media. Dropbox is very easy to set up without any complicated procedures. All you need to do is register an account and signup with dropbox and your good to go.

After you drop the files in your folder you can access the files from anywhere with the help of the android app. Dropbox is the ideal cloud storage because all your files are kept in cloud and you can access them through other PC or from the android app


2. WI-FI SMS Communication Manager

If you frequently send and receive text messages then this is the ideal app for you. This app will allow you to send and receive text messages right from your desktop. Setting this app is very easy and it uses your local WI-FI connection for connecting with your computer.

Now you don’t have to be distracted from your work every time you receive a text on your device because you can directly view it on your PC. You can even browse your contact lists and send a text message directly from your PC which is then sent to your phone. WIFI SMS Communication Manager is available for $1 from the Play store.


3. Remote My Droid Lite

This app is one of the amazing apps which will allow you to control your phone directly from your computer. Just install and download this app and you can use your desktop browser to control your phone.

No need for complicated settings. All it needs is that you should be on the same WIFI network and that’s it. Use your desktop browser to view contents of your phone and even transfer files to your computer and also make calls. The lite version I available for free from the play store


4. Remote Phone Call

Remote controlling your android phone couldn’t get any better. Now you can make calls directly from your windows PC using your android device to any of your contacts at the push of a button. This app will allow you to search through your phone log and bring up missed calls then to which you can place the call.

You can also receive calls directly on your windows PC as you are busy working without the need for handling your phone. This app is available from play store for just $6.50.


These are some of the apps with which you can control your android phone through desktop PC. Now you don’t have to be distracted form your work anymore because of your phone.

Do let us know if you come across some other apps that will enable you to control your android phone remotely.

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