How to Perform a Successful Nandroid Backup and Restore on Twiz Jelly Bean

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Hi guys this is the tutorial to perform a nandroid backup and restore using mobile Odin and FK23 CWM repack on these Jellybean leaks. Please make a note that this is only for Jellybean and not for ICS or Gingerbread.


DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held responsible/liable for any damages takes to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Let’s start the tutorial:

How to create a Nandroid Backup on Jellybean:

1. While you are running Jellybean… Mobile Odin Agat’s Repacked FK23 Kernel to obtain a Jellybean recovery.

2. Select the Backup and Restore.

3. Let it run the back up and reboot. Rename to something that lets you know that it is a Jellybean Backup.

How to create restore back to your Jellybean Setup:

After making a Jelly Bean Backup, and you want to go back to ICS or you want to flash another Jelly Bean Leak, then here is the instructions to do that.

1. Get to a ICS or GB kernel with either Mobile Odin, PC Odin, or CWM zip.

2. After Wiping everthing, flash your ROM or flash your ICS restore point. Reboot phone as normal. Run your Rom; now back to JELLYBEAN.

3. While you are running ICS, to restore follow the below mentioned steps:

a) Boot into ICS recovery.

b) Then wipe cache, dalvik cache, factory data reset.

c) Flash either Stock Jellybean or themed. Jellybean Black Bean with Jelly Bean.

d) When ROM finishes flashing reboot. But no need to sign into Google, we are about to do a restore. Just click no to all of Google’s questions, give them your name and hit finish. Now, go to your “my files” in the app drawer, select navigate to where you have the Mobile Odin and Mobile Odin Flash kernel and install both. Then go back to the app drawer and open Mobile Odin. Select Kernel and navigate to where you have Agats FK23.tar or zip and flash it with Mobile Odin. reboot.

e) Boot into Jellybean recovery. Go to Backup/restore. Select your Jellybean restore point as Yes. Let the restore run and reboot.

That’s it now you did the backup and restore on Jelly bean successfully without losing any recovery. Now, if you feel the need but its not necessary, you can reflash the Stock Jelly bean FK23 Kernel.

NOTE : Make sure you are on the same CWM Agat FK23 JB Kernel that you made the backup and do your restore.

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