How To Play Playstation And N64 Games On Your Android Tablet

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Playing the old retro games sure does bring back memories. And if you are a fan of the games that were made during the era of playstation and also N64 then you should read on to find out how to play them again.

We have prepared a guide for you which will enable you to play those games on your android tablet and also even control them with your playstation joysticks.

We have followed a number of suggestion and tricks but we have come up with this simple solutions so that we all can enjoy our favorite classic games on our android tablet. So we will outline the things that you need for this guide to work for you.

Things You Need

  1. Micro USB to USB Cable USB-OTG Female which can be purchased from ebay
  2. 2.  Playstation or Xbox controller
  3. Android 3.1 update which is needed to use the controller with any emulator of your choice
  4. Emulators
  5. Roms

How To Play Games On Your Android tablet

  1. You need to update your tablet to the latest Android Honeycomb 3.1
  2. Visit and download the emulator of your choice
  3. After you have downloaded a game and the emulator then launch the game
  4. For the purpose of this guide we will launch the game starfox which is available in N64 emulator
  5. After you  have launched the game go to input settings and deselect the virtual keypad and then click on the map keypad
  6. Now you need to use the USB to USB cable OTG female and connect your PS3 controller to your tablet and when you click on the key for mapping then press the corresponding key on the PS3 controller.
  7. Do this for all the keys and the go back to the main menu
  8. Now you can see that you can control the game with your PS3 controller
  9. You can also use any other controller such as Xbox controller or any game pad controller
  10. You can use any emulator for playing any games but you have to map the keys of your controller
  11. You can download the Roms of various games from the site Emuparadise. It has the roms for any kind of platform you want.

A thing to be noted is that Google has removed any and all kinds of emulators from the Google play store so you need to visit the site of Yongzh who has maintained a list of emulators and is actively developing them.

So if you do visit his site you can get the latest version of emulators for your android tablet download and install and also get the Roms of the game you want.

So do let us know which game is your favorite and whether or not you got the Rom of the game or not. If you did were you able to set it up or not and play the game with the controller of your choice.

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