How To Remove Bloatware And Useless Apps From Your Galaxy Note

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Whenever we buy a new android phone it usually comes with many bundled apps most of them are either useful or useless and you don’t use them much. Not only that there are other bloatwares also that you will never ever use.

The bloatwares just cause your device to slow down and also eats up useful memory which you could use for storing useful stuff. The worst about bloatware is that you can’t even remove them.

Now thanks to an XDA developer member goddamnit has developed a way with which you can remove those useless apps from your Galaxy Note and reclaim those used space for your personal needs. With his way you can now get rid of those useless junk.

How did he do it? Well he developed a Lite-ROM creator which generates a script of all the built-in apps in your device and you can just select the apps from the list which the app has generated instead of selecting one by one. As a result you can remove those useless apps and also increase your battery life.

The only downside of this Lite-ROM is that it is only designed to work in windows. So if you are on some other platform then you have to wait for other versions to be released.

So we have prepared a guide which will allow you to use Lite-ROM and remove the useless apps or bloatwares.


  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
  • Windows PC
  • In your Note install the app System tuner which is available on the play store for free
  • Download Lite-ROM Creator in your PC

Instruction For Using Lite-ROM Creator

Once you have followed the requirements now we move on to the process of how to remove the bloatwares from your Galaxy Note.

  1. If your device isn’t rooted then root your device.
  2. After you have rooted your device make a NAND droid backup of your device by entering the recovery
  3. After you have downloaded the Lite-ROM Creator to your PC extract the contents and double click lite-rom_creator.exe to launch the program
  4. Now you can select the apps that you want to remove
  5. After you are done selecting the apps now click on Export Lite-ROM Script and after you click you should get the file fish-literom.txt
  6. After that file has generated copy fish-literom.txt to the internal storage of your device or to your SD card which ever storage you use and have
  7. Now launch the system tuner app that you have downloaded from the play store
  8. Tap on terminal button and then on script button to locate and select fish-literom.txt
  9. The script will start running so wait for it finish. While the script is running and you get force close error messages just ignore them and let the script run
  10. After the script has completed its task reboot your phone


If you have followed our guide then you have removed all those bloatwares from your device successfully.

Do let us know if you come across some other way through which you can remove the bloatwares.


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