How To Rename The Folders On Android Desktop

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The availability for creating folders in android OS had been introduced when Android 2.3 Gingerbread was released and it can also be found in the latest Android 4.0 ICS. Using folders has made our life very easy.

We download many apps on a daily basis and as a result our app drawers become cluttered with many different apps and in such situation to find the app that we really want becomes frustrating and annoying. So at those times folders really come in handy. Folders allow us to organize our apps in categories which we can designate as folder name and then putting the apps of the same category in one folder.

Moreover you can put the folder in your android desktop or home screen so that you can easily access the app at the time of need. Now you can argue that rather than using the folders you would prefer placing app shortcuts directly on your home screen.

Now if you think about this particular scenario then it would mean that placing lot of shortcuts on your home screen and it would also mean creating shortcuts for every app that you download thinking that you might need them sooner or later. But this would lead to again the same thing cluttered and confusing home screen that would need numerous swiping to find the app you need.

So folders are the best in organizing and categorizing your apps. Now most users would want to rename their folder so that they are able to recognize what it contains easily. But you would find that renaming the folder is not easy and that it leads you to deleting the folder and again creating the folder and organizing the apps within it which is also annoying.

Now you must have stumbled upon this accidentally or you don’t even know about it but there is a way to rename the folder on the android desktop without the need for deleting the folder.

So I have decided to share it with you all on how to rename the folder and to help make it an easy process I also have a written a guide for you which should help you out a lot in following the instructions.

Procedure For Renaming the Folder

  1. Create a folder anywhere on your android home screen or desktop by long pressing on the screen and selecting folder.
  2. After the folder is created now start populating the folder with various shortcuts and widgets that you want in the folder.
  3. After you have populated the folder now open the folder and notice that the title bar of the folder is named Folder
  4. Unless you want all the folder you create named folder tap and long press the title bar until you get a prompt for renaming the Folder
  5. Now you can type the name of the folder you wish it to be and you are done.


There you go a relatively simple and easy procedure for renaming your folder. If you know of any other way that will enable you to rename the folder then do let us know.


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  1. I stumble at the starting post. When I long press on the home screen, all I get is invitations to set my wallpaper. There is no create folder option.

  2. Great tip.Thanks. I’ve been trying to find a way to do this.

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