How to Root HTC Desire HD and Install H-Boot (S-Off) & Clockwork Recovery

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This is the tutorial to root HTC Desire HD device. Along with rooting we also give instructions to install H-Boot and custom recovery image.

Root Desire HD

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held responsible/liable for any damages that occur to your device by following the given below procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Instructions :

1. Download Paul’s Visionary + Tool:

  • First click here to download the Paul’s visionary tool.
  • Then install the Visionary on your DHD.
  • Run it, enable “Set system r/w after root.
  • Click “Temproot Now!” – Wait until it’s finished
  • Click Attempt Permroot now.
  • DHD automatically reboot’s.

If you want to check everything goes fine then download it from the market application “terminal emulator” run it, type su. If you get # this symbol then it mean’s that everything went fine. So, proceed to the next step.

2. Install Engineering Version of HBOOT to get S-off.

(HTC Boot means HTC Bootloader which is something like BIOS to your PC. Please make a note that this step is optional and it is not required in order to flash custom ROM’s on your DHD but gives you more freedom with your device).

  • Download sfjuocekr DHD script for flashing HBOOT from here.
  • Unzip it and copy it to your SD card.

(Please make a note that it is important you have on your SD Card root directory with the name DHD and all the files inside this directory. Rename DHD-Smart folder on your SDcard to DHD).

  • Run terminal emulator and type su.
  • Type “sh /sdcard/DHD/check (You should type “sh” in front of command)
  • If everything went OK then type sh /sdcard/DHD/backup.
  • If this also went OK Proceed with sh /sdcard/DHD/hboot

This command will install engineering HBoot which have S-Off turned off.

3. Install Custom Recovery Image:

  • Since ROM Manager now officially support’s desire HD, we will use it to download and install custom clockwork image.
  • Run android market app on your DHD and download and install ROM manager app from market.
  • Then download and install ROM Manager.
  • Run ROM Manager and select the first option (Flash the ClockworkMod Recovery)
  • Then wait until ROM Manager says that installation went successfully (Current version of ClockWorkMod is
  • After installation tap in ROM Manager option reboot into recovery to test that everything went well.
  • DHD Should reboot in clockwork recovery manager.
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