How To Root HTC Explorer: The Complete Guide

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All the HTC explorer owners looking to root their device and get a hold of it, here’s a complete tutorial for you. The below mentioned is the latest, proven and tested tutorial of the process, so don’t hesitate to make a move.

If you happen to have any questions or query regarding any of the ways, leave it in the comments section right below the tutorial.

So let’s just take a leap into it then.

Important: Don’t held us responsible for any damages that might occur to your Android smartphone while following this rooting tutorial.

How To Root HTC Explorer

1. HTC Sync

Install HTC Sync on your PC, so that later when you connect your device to the PC, it is recognizable.

2. Unlocking the bootloader

In order to proceed, you need to unlock your phone’s bootloader, and that you can do by going here. If you happen to notice, the “HTC Explorer” is not present in the “select your device options, so go ahead opt for “all other supported models”.

3. Adding a recovery

If you’re wondering as to why or what’s the need? Well, the recovery is a very important section because it allows us to install .zip ROMs. In order to access your recovery you can switch off your device and press the volume down and power down button simultaneously. After this you will be taken to a menu where you can easily find the concerned recovery file.

  • Following on to the tutorial, you need to download your recovery file.
  • Then, extract it in the C:\HTC directory on your PC. Now run the recovery.dat from the extracted files with your phone connected in the fastboot mode via USB.

4. Rooting

Now comes the main and utmost important part, so make sure to do things with ease.

  • Download the file “Superuser” into your computer and place it onto your microSD card by connecting your device via USB.
  • Go into the recovery mode by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously.
  • From the recovery menu choose “ from sd” and select the file which you had put into your SD card in the previous step.
  • Let it install the Superuser app.
  • And before you even realize, your phone is rooted.
  • Now that you have successfully rooted your device, install “link2sd” which is another very useful app to make a fat32 partition of the SD card using programs like MiniTool partition wizard.

Note: Once rooted the HTC explorer, do not restore your device to factory setting, else you shall end up in a bootloop. In case you have already landed yourself right into a bootloop, don’t panic and just install one of the two roms mentioned below.

Using the Asian Rom, everything shall run as perfectly as before but the languages might just be limited to English and Chinese. You can further modify all the applications that come with it by simply removing and adding the ones you want before flashing it into recovery.

It would be advisory to open system/app/ folder right insider the zip and modify the system apps installed, but make sure that you do not delete any necessary system apps from the device.

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