How to Root Motorola Atrix HD with Motofail2Go

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The Motorola Atrix HD users can now root their android smartphone by following our easy tutorial which we have given below. Full credits will goes to the XDA forum member djrbliss.

The program called Motofail2Go interestingly it also works in the Motorola Droid, Motorala Razr M, Motorala Photon Q 4G LTE, Motorola RAZR i and the recently released Motorola Droid RAZR HD.

Pre requisites:

  • We strongly advice you to take backup of all your internal data such as Call Logs, Contacts, SMS, MMS, Apps, APNs Settings, etc. with the help of backup applications. Just in case, if you lost your data due to any reason you could easily recover them with the help of backup applications.
  • We also advice you to charge your device battery fully in order to apply the update. Minimum 80% is recommended from our side. If you do not consider this there is a chance of your device getting switched off during the middle of the process.
  • Next disable all the antivirus suites in your computer as well as mobile so that update process may not get interrupted.
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled in your mobile. If not, you can do it by following the path – “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” and after that USB debugging would be enabled in your phone.
  • Install ADB drivers from Motorola as it is very much important.
  • Just confirmed whether you have followed all the above mentioned instructions properly.

DISCLAIMER : Use the given below procedures at your own risk. We should not be held responsible/liable if any thing happens wrongly to your device.

Instructions to root Motorola Atrix HD with Motofail2Go:

  • First download the corresponding zip file from here to your computer.
  • Once you have been downloaded then connect your device to the computer with the help of USB.
  • Then extract the entire zip file and place it in your device. Make sure that you do not kept the zip file deep inside the deep sub-folders as it may fail to recognize.
  • Double-click “run.bat” and follow the instructions. The exploit will ask you to press a button combination at one point.
  • If the exploits prints an error saying something like “ Package ‘com.motorola.bug2go’ is unknown” then miserably you need to wipe your data and cache partitions and try again.
  • This exploit will also work on the Razr M, Atrix HD, Photon Q, Razr i (but you might need to replace some of the binaries with x86 versions), and the upcoming Razr HD.

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  1. hi Sathishkumar, it’s will work if i don´t unlock first my bootloader, i mean i dont want to unlock my bootloader

  2. hey i tried to root my atrix hd and when i got to the step to create a bug report by pressing the power and volume up key simultaniously, i couldnt after many many tries to vibrate. i got it to beep at me twice in a row several times, but then when i complete the rest of the process it says the root didnt work. am i doing something wrong? ive updates my drivers, and the Atrix is brand new out the box as of today(4/4/13). thanks for the help. Bryan

  3. The response to Bryan H. Please……… Anyone?.
    I have the same problem.

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