How To Set Up Galaxy S2’s WI-FI Hotspot Feature

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Galaxy S2 was one of most popular android phone of the year 2011. When it was released it had everything you could ever imagine and with a gorgeous 4.3inch Super AMOLED Plus display everything was just amazing.

The device didn’t just stop there it also featured some specs that made it completely different from any other mobile device of its time. Most notably was the feature of using the device as a portable Hotspot which would enable you to use the devices internet connection for your laptop or desktop.

This meant that no more cables or for complex set up for mobile tethering. You just had to enable the feature and your device would be ready to transmit and act as modem for your other portable devices.

Now most of the users would like to clarify on what is mobile tethering? Well simply out it is nothing but the process of using your device in this case the Galaxy S2 as a modem or a WI-FI router which will allow you to access the internet with other WI-FI capable devices.

You must be thinking that most android devices already has the capability of using mobile tethering and yes you are right but in those other devices you had to install apps and also install the client on your desktop and then connect the cable and use it.

Galaxy S2 has this feature built in to the device and you don’t have to use any cable for connecting your other devices.

Most users would complain that they aren’t able to set up this mobile tethering on their Galaxy S2 so to put them at ease we have written a guide which will enable you to set up the portable hotspot feature of your Galaxy S2.

How To Set Up Hotspot In Galaxy S2

Before we start telling how to set up your hotspot so that you can use your Galaxy S2 as a modem or WI-FI router, we want you to make sure about your data plan. If you are on unlimited data plan then it’s going to work but if you’re on a limited data plan then you should take care about the network charges.

  1. Go to settings of your Galaxy S2
  2. Then tap on Wireless and network
  3. Then scroll down this page until you notice the option tethering and portable hotspot and tap it
  4. On this page you will notice two option USB tethering and Portable WI-FI hotspot
  5. So tap on portable WI-FI Hotspot and tap on ok when you see a popup informing you about increased battery drainage and data charges.
  6. You will be prompted to enter the network SSID so enter it and tap on save.
  7. You will be asked to enter a password to secure your network SSID so enter the password and save
  8. You are done with the setup and now you can use your Galaxy S2 as a portable hotspot modem.


Do let us know if this guide was helpful for you in setting up the hotspot and let us know if you come across any other app that will help you to set your device as a portable hotspot.

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