How To Speed Up The Dual-Core Processing Of Your HTC One S

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If you own HTC One S and you want to increase the speed of its dual-core processor then you will find a complete guide for doing this. The processing speed of HTC One S can be increased with the tweaks shared in this blog post.

This is a fact that HTC One S comes with a dual-core processor but the problem is that, this dual-core processor is not properly optimized for the device. However, if you want to get the most out of these two processor installed in this Android smartphone then below is what you need to do.

Dual-Core mods have been developed by world famous developer called “ViperBoy”. If you can configure these mods in your HTC One S then you can surely get the most out of this smartphone easily. Basically there are


3 different Mod versions which are designed for different purposes.

1. Dual Core Mod – This Mod makes the CPU1 keep working all the time.
2. Dual Core Mod Plus – In this Mod, CPU1 will work only at that time when screen is on.
3. Dual Core Mod Ultimate – It is quite similar to the Plus version but it is tweaked more to give better performance.

Which Mod Is Best

You must be thinking that which Mod is best to use. Well, most of the people have installed the Plus Mod. However, if you are a normal smartphone user then any of the three Mods will work for you.
Below, you will find instructions about installing this Mod in your HTC One S Android Smartphone.


  • You will need a completely rooted HTC One S having custom recovery options.
  • Before you install any of the Mods, it is highly recommended to backup all your personal and important data. Usually, procedure doesn’t erases any of your data but this can happen too.
  • Your battery should have at least 50% charge so no problem occurs during installation.
  • Finally, you will have to download the Dual Core Mod file on your computer that you prefer to use.

Below Are Download Links

Dual Core Mod v2.1

Dual Core Mod v2.1 Plus

Dual Core Mod v2.1 Ultimate


  • After downloading the Dual Core Mod ZIP file on your computer, copy it in your HTC One S. The directory where you can copy the file is /internal_sdcard or /sdcard. Don’t forget where you copied the files.
  • Now, you need to turn off the “Fast boot” option from settings > Power. Remove the check from the option.
  • Turn off your handset.
  • You have to boot your phone in Bootloader Mode. This can be done by holding the down volume button and after that pressing the power button.
  • You will see an option of “Recovery” on bootloader screen. Select it with the help of power button. If you see a red warning triangle, it is the time to press Volume UP and Power buttons together so you can enter into recovery mode.
  • Recovery menu will open, select “Install ZIP” from SD card > Chose Zip from SD Card. You will have to select the dual Core ZIP file in this process.

Confirm the installation and then reboot your handset. Congratulations, now your HTC One S has been modified to use most of its Dual-Core processor with the help of this developer tool.

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