How To Sync Your Chrome Desktop Bookmarks With Your Android Phone

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Android is the best thing that has happened to the mobile world. With android you are able to do lot more things than it was previously possible.

To help us out in our daily tasks there are loads of apps available that enables us to do our job quickly and efficiently. Also there are apps that allow us to take our work with us from our home or office right in our pockets.

Sometimes we are in a hurry or something important has come up and at that time we need our precious bookmarked website because the website that can or might provide help is on the list.

In such cases accessing our desktop is difficult. This is where android shines. Since android is a Google device you need a Google account which will allow you to sync your Chrome desktop bookmarks right on your android phone.

For this process to work you need an app called ChromeMarks. We have prepared for you a guide which will enable you to sync your bookmarks to your android phone very easily and efficiently.

Syncing Chrome Bookmarks With Your Google Account

  1. Open the chrome desktop browser
  2. Click the wrench icon on the top right corner to access the options page.
  3. Now click on Personal stuff and sign in to Google chrome using your Google account
  4. After signing in you will be prompted whether you want to sync all your data to the Google Account. If you don’t want to sync all the data then click advanced settings to select what you want to sync.
  5. After you click ok the data that you have selected will be automatically synced to your Google account.
  6. To access your bookmarks on another computer just sign in to chrome and repeat the above process and Google will sync your data in to your new computer.

Now that you have synced your data to the Google account you can access them on your android phone. But for this to work you need to download and install ChromeMarks from the Play Store which is available for free.

Setting Up ChromeMarks

  1. Launch the chromemarks app in your phone
  2. It will ask you to verify your Google account
  3. If you have multiple accounts then open the settings of the sync and see the list of accounts that are registered on your device,
  4. Select the account that you want to sync and app will automatically start syncing your saved bookmarks right on your device
  5. After syncing is complete now you can access all your saved bookmarks right on your android device and open those sites.

There you go the procedure for syncing your bookmarks right on your android phone. The lite version of chromemarks will only allow you one-way sync that is from desktop to your phone.

But if you purchase the pro version of chromemarks which is available for $2 then you can have access to the following features:

  • The changes you make on your phone are see on your desktop chrome browser
  • Automatic syncing is included
  • Share the bookmarks stored on your android phone directly to your chrome browser
  • No advertisements


Do let us know if you come across some other ways that will allow you to sync your desktop bookmarks directly to your android phone or vice versa.

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