How To Transfer WI-FI Profiles From Your PC To Your Android Phone

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Most of the time we access the net with our laptop or android phone and for that we need to connect to a WI-FI network. When accessing the net we prefer using our laptop rather than our smartphones because it is much faster and also a variety of webpages are able to load on our laptop much more quickly.

So when we connect to WI-FI access points they are saved automatically in our laptop and especially those access points which require passwords we don’t remember them also. Now if we want to connect to the net with our smartphone either to download an app or to view information which just popped up and for that we need to connect to the WI-FI network.

So at those times if we don’t remember the password or WI-FI profiles then how can we connect to the net? Well not to worry because you have the app WiFI PC Sync which will save you the trouble of remembering and entering the credentials of every WI-FI access points.

WiFi PC Sync is useful when you have flashed your device or reset your device or you are using multiple access points with which you connect your device. This app easily transfers the WI-FI credentials from your laptop or PC to your android powered device.

How Does WiFi PC Sync Works?

This app is very easy to use because it works similar to other syncing apps that update your information the moment they are updated. It also has a desktop client and you need a valid email address to register with and start syncing your WI-FI credentials.

To get started with this app you need to first download this app in your android device then install it. After installation is complete it will ask for a valid email address to which important information will be sent that will allow you to set up your desktop client easily.

Once the desktop client is installed on your laptop then it will start scanning for all the saved access points and then start synchronizing with your smartphone. For the synchronizing process to complete your device should remain connected to the WI-FI network with your desktop client.

After the synchronization process is completed you will be notified and then you go to your Wi-Fi settings of you smartphone and check whether the access points have been added and saved or not.

To synchronize new access points to your smartphone just launch the app and tap Get my Wi-Fi and on your desktop client click on Synchronize my WI-FI. This is a very easy process which just takes few seconds to complete.

Head over to the Google Play Store to download the app for free and give it a try which will make your life easier in managing the WI-FI access points.

So do let us know what you think and if there are any other easy ways via which you can easily retrieve your saved WI-FI access points.

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