How to Unbrand HTC 8X (Before OTA Update)

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The latest flagship of HTC brand is HTC 8X. It is the windows phone and not the android phone. One of the major drawback of Windows Phone platform is the lack of custom firmwares for many devices.

But, luckily there is a way to unbrand the HTC 8X device. Now, they can install an unmodified stock HTC firmware. Full credits goes to the XDA Elite Recognized Developer xboxmod who has come up with this work.

How to Unbrand HTC 8X

The process is applicable to all PM232 ***/c620e devices with a bootloader of version 162966 or below. This method bypasses the CID check and can also fix a bad flash or bootloop, so it may be handy to know even if you have no intention of unbranding.


  • An Y cable
  • SD card or USB Drive Key
  • RUU_Signed.nbh
  • UEFI_signed.nbh

DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held responsible/liable for any damages that takes place to your device by following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

How to:

1. Format your SD card or USB key in fat32

2. Copy the full ROM RUU_Signed.nbh to the USB key.

3. Rename it ACDUDIAG.nbh

4. Connect the USB key to the Y-Cable powered.

5. Shutdown the phone press camera button and connect the cable you will see the text ACDUDIAG.nbh on top left during 1 second then the flash will start.

6. Wait upto the end of the process, the device will reboot the bootloader screen at this state your device doesn’t boot.

7. Now, rename UEFI_signed.nbh to ACDUDIAG.nbh flash it using the same process. At reboot your device will be stuck on bootloader screen with error UEFI for key provision only.

8. Rename ACDU_UEFI_PROV_KEY.nbh to ACDUDIAG.nbh and flash it. Normally the device doesn’t boot.

9. Reflash the full ROM RUU_Signed.nbh. Always use the same process. After reboot enjoy your official HTC ROM.

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