How to Unlock the HTC Droid DNA Bootloader in a Different Way

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Here is a new way to unlock your HTC Droid DNA smartphone. All thanks will goes to the XDA Elite Recognized Developer jcase, who has come around with this work.

Actually, his procedure is different in a variety of ways, although the execution is very similar. Instead of writing a new CID for the device, jcase’s newest method rewrites the whole partition.

Users who want to use this exploit will have to work out of two command prompt windows, instead of just one. Please make a note that this procedure does not actually unlock the HTC Driod DNA. It simply prepares it so that it can be unlocked through conventional channels like HTCDev. One of the known problem of this update is adb server is out of date.

Pre requisites:

  • Before start to proceed, uninstall the HTC sync, antivirus tools or other software that talks to the phone.
  • And also completely backup all your internal data with the help of backup application.
  • Then charge your device battery fully. Minimum 60% is recommended from our side to avoid the risk of your device getting switched off due to battery low.
  • Apart from this you will need 1 GB free space on your phone. So, before start to proceed just make sure that much free space is available in your phone.
  • You will also need modern ADB that supports backup/restore (ICS and up)

DISCLAIMER : Best android blog would not be held responsible for any damages that takes place to your device while following these procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.


backup.ab (mirrors) : 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6 (300 MB) (mirrors) : 1, 2

Procedure :

  • Unzip DNA_TeamAndIRC, put, CIDGen.apk and backup.ab into the directory where adb is (or anywhere if you have your paths setup right).
  • Please Check the readme.txt before continuing!

adb install CIDGen.apk

  • Run the CIDGen app on your phone, enter the last digit of your IMEI and press generate. Then complete the generated file exists.

adb shell ls -l /sdcard/CIDBLOCK.img

  • If CIDBLOCK.img does not exist, run the app and try again. Do not proceed without generating a CIDBLOCK.img, it is needed to repair the phone and unlock.
  • Once you have CIDBLOCK.img on your sdcard, open two terminals (command prompts) and continue
  • In the first terminal/cmd prompt run these commands:

adb push /data/local/tmp/
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/
adb shell /data/local/tmp/

  • will continue to loop and spit out No such file or link failed errors, just leave it running for now.
  • In the other terminal/cmd prompt run this commands:

adb restore backup.ab

  • Then allow the restore on your phone. Once the process is finished, you can go back to the looping terminal and stop it with control + c, or close the terminal.
  • At this point, do not continue unless you are certain you can do this. Past this point, is where people can brick if they do not follow the directions correctly. If you run into a problem, find someone to help you. Do NOT power your phone off or reboot it. Leave it charging and find someone.

adb shell rm /data/data/*
adb shell mv /data/DxDrm /data/DxDrm_org
adb shell mkdir /data/DxDrm
adb shell ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 /data/DxDrm/DxSecureDB
adb reboot

  • Once the phone is rebooted, open two terminals and repeat the restore exploit:
  • In the first one:

adb shell /data/local/tmp/

  • This process will also loop forever and give out lots of “No such file” or “link failed” errors – again, just leave it running.
  • In the second terminal, restore the backup again:

adb restore backup.ab

  • After that restore is done, we will undo DxDrm symlink attack and write the new CIDBLOCK.img:

adb shell mv /data/DxDrm /data/DxDrm_trash
adb shell dd if=/sdcard/CIDBLOCK.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p5
adb reboot

  • After reboot you can go to and unlock through their official process.
  • Choose the “All other supported models” option when selecting your phone.
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