How to Update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Official JellyBean Update Using KIES

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This method helps you to update your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the official JellyBean release using KIES. It is the safest and easiest method.

Please make a note that this method is pretty safe until you don’t remove the phone from your computer while it is updating in Download mode. So, if you do somehow manage to screw up your device, Best android blog would not be held responsible for that.


DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held responsible/liable for any damages that occur to your device by following the given below procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Instructions to Update Samsung Galaxy S3 with Official JellyBean:

1. First disconnect your phone from the computer, if you have it connected and start KIES.

2. Next click on help and check for update KIES. It is required for updating the firmware of your phone.

3. After this is done, you might want to restart KIES, and from here on, we shall get to the update process.

4. Go to Tools ->Firmware Upgrade and Installation.

5. It should ask for your Model No. There Enter: “GT-I9300”. Then again it will ask for serial no.

6. Now, power off your phone and remove the back cover and then the battery.

7. The battery compartment has the IMEI number and the serial number near the Barcode. You require the Serial number.

8. The serial number is written as “S/N: XXXXXXXXX”. That’s an 11 character number. Write the “XXXXXXXXXXX” in the Serial Number field in the Kies pop up. (Do not write the ‘S/N:/ Part).

9. Non Indian users, this is the step that makes it or breaks it for you, the next screen shows you whether or not there is an update for you and from here on, the software will download some files(Shouldn’t take long)

10. After a few agreements, you should see the software now asking you to attach your phone in Download mode.

11. Make sure your phone has at least 80% battery because I am not sure whether the battery is charged in Download mode or not. And this step might take a while. The phone, from here, SHOULD NOT BE DISCONNECTED IF YOU DO SO YOUR PHONE WILL SPOIL.

12. By now, you must have seen that all the settings and apps will be erased. So, it is advised to take backup.

13. After that power off your device press and hold the Volume Down Button, Home Button and Power Button to enter into the download mode.

14. The phone should now display a warning. Press the Volume Up Button to Continue.

15. You are in download mode.

16. Connect your phone to your computer and start the installation; then the onscreen instructions will guide you.

17. This make a long time. So, leave the phone and do any of your work. Just make sure you do not disconnect your phone until now.

18. That’s it. You’ve done. Now, you should have the Jelly Bean update in your device. No need to restart.

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